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being a motivator, instigator, sparkler, inspirer, agitator, uplifter, goader, heart-connector, IS your purpose. wayshowers don’t need to conform to any existing paradigm or career choices – that’s the whole point of being one. uplifters are allowed to earn their keep simply pursuing their raw, dangerous, unpredictable, uncategorized selves. this is your art. life is your…

cheers to the weird

cheers to the leaders, supporters, deep thinkers, adventurers, authors, artists and wayshowers of the new/now humanity. i love you. carry on.

fear, in motion

you can use your fear to charge yourself. truly. it can drain you, crash your apps, or be transmuted into fuel for creative, inspired action. in every breath, love. solvitur ambulando

on creatives

an artist will frequently have to choose to shun acceptable behaviour, political correctness, and most common comforts to truly be in the spacetime of their genius. playing it safe is painting by numbers; stealing a riff; autotune; obeying the clock; failing and failing and giving up; pandering to and placating the normals; ignoring and suppressing…