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Do It Today

This strange, infuriating, exhausting, personally expansive, psychologically challenging, emotionally maturing and character alchemizing year has been one for the books. Perhaps you can relate.

We’ve been pushed full force into facing the subtle, hidden or ignored extremes in virtually all areas of our lives. Everything has been thrown into the purifying fire, and nothing can hide from this level of intense and rapid transition. It’s great, and terrifying, unsettling and bewildering. It’s essential, but disorienting, and certainly nothing at all that many of us were expecting might be the way in which we’d approach this critical time in human history.

But we knew something big was coming. 2020 was always going to be one of the pivotal moments when the collective is suddenly and powerfully thrust into deep brain stimuli, shattering illusions, predictions, plans, and complacency.

So, here it is. We’re living through it in realtime.

We have to grow up and grow out of our unearned comforts and easy-to-justify ethical laziness. Furthermore, we see just how effortlessly they can lie to us, nearly 24/7. So, the more we scrutinize and pick apart the spurious, repetitive, nauseating narratives, nefarious agendas and decaying structures of countless failing systems, the more we tap the nervous tensions we weren’t quite ready to delve into. We can no longer live a lie. We can no longer pretend to be content in pursuing our desires while the world we inhabit is crying out in pain, an echo of the unchecked desperation lingering in the shadows of our psyches.

I’ve made a commitment to spend each day fully, in ways that excite, challenge, fulfil and truly satisfy – for as many days as I may have left in this turn at the cosmic wheel. But to do so, I cannot look away from the ground floor opportunity we have right now: to fully and completely resolve to root out the wretched blackness and psychopathy that still plagues and hinders our collective consciousness.

To wit, we must right now embody and embolden the light, shining it blindingly as a thousand suns at those who mistakenly believe they can steal it, dim it, hide it, or hoard it for their cowardly greed.

Do it today.

Solvitur ambulando