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As the World Turds

In the next millennium, those who look back on our time may be curious as to how we persisted — and managed to survive — in such a strange, unbalanced, violent, and stupid state.

We are born preloaded with such incredible, truly unlimited potential; nothing short of pure consciousness, dabbling in and experimenting with physical form, capable of shaping our minds, bodies and worlds as we wish — yet most of us get stuck in the insignificant, the superficial and ubiquitous drudgery.

We’re not limited by time, by thought, by circumstance. We’re not hindered by the ideas or beliefs of anyone, and we’re not subject to the laws made up by men. Perhaps therein lies the rub. In a landscape that is so aqueous, so malleable, amorphous, and pregnant with yes, we aren’t trained nor ready to make full use of it.

In this manner, we are taken advantage of. We default to the noise we are introduced into, bound to dwell in the ignorance, weight, discord, and brutal nature of what currently is. Even as we grow in the womb, the assault begins.

The point of life is not material gain. Attachments to these transient things keep us anchored and entranced, manipulable and subject to the wills of the machines. Enjoy it, surely, but recognize the nature of its purpose: utility.

The point of life is not in competition, nor conquering. It’ll keep you small, and racing to the bottom. It’s not running around in the endless search of searching, pretending to be an explorer. It’s not in changing the world. It’s not about fixing anything. It’s not about right versus wrong, nor dark versus light.

Time to grow up, polariser.

Life is about knowing wholeness and completion in every breath, in every heartbeat. It’s about the elevated emotion and uninterpreted love. It’s for exploring the ocean, because of the ocean, and reintegrating ancient fragmentation into the melody of harmonic resonance.

Lofty ideas? I don’t believe so. Check your motivations, your frayed mentality, your defense machinations. Your matrix of a personal reality and boxed-in perspective is ready for a shake up. Hopefully, there’s already a crack.

The world out there reflects us back to ourselves. Learn from it. Love it for its raw, beautiful, unfiltered truth.

Solvitur ambulando