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journal entry: be a (hu)man. 


there’s a vast cloud and haze of confusion around the ideas of what being a man, or being a woman is today.

the pursuit of a passion. or, why even try?


  i wonder… how many of us never take the chance – to really go for it – to pursue our passion (which can certainly change), for fear of failing at it? perhaps, because failing at the one thing (since we made it just one thing) we really, always, desperately wanted to be/do presents somewhat of a…

journal entry: omelettes


  if you’re conflicted about a relationship, or career, or life choice (ie. whatever may be weighing on you, affecting your decisions, effecting energetic stagnation, making you wince when others make suggestions for you) you must be willing to sit with it, to explore it; to define your reasonings, beliefs, and perceptions about it. you…