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To Be Fully Realized

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

a time to soar, freelya note for you.
a note to self…

i wonder what you’ll be like, when you’re fully in your power, realized. what will you be able to be/do when you’re at your full power/potential, uninhibited by the weight of your current “stuff”.

how will things look when you don’t worry any more what anyone thinks about you pursuing what drives you, and excites you? how much joy will be spilling out of your pores, and uplifting the world? how alive will you feel?

who will you attract and surround yourself with to help you achieve those crazy, life-changing, paradigm-shifting projects, challenges, and inspired ideas? who will you mentor, inspire, nudge, influence or challenge to break their own chains?

what will the world know as you, unlimited and free to just fully be? what will it feel like, every morning, to be this engaged?

where will all those new roads take you, now that you’re open to the adventure of life? where will hidden treasures suddenly appear?

when are you just going to dive in and know there’s nothing to fear? when will you embrace your purpose, passion, and power?

why did it take so long?

love your life,

The Hidden Power


Saturday, June 14th, 2014

a walk in the cloudsin the arena of the esoteric, this is interesting, and revealing, to me:

for me, it connects dots, affirms and clarifies things.

namely, my observations, insights, music and lyrics… and this website! fascinating.

it makes sense to fit in with those who don’t fit in, as it were, hanging out for another go-round of a human lifetime to glean wisdom, experience, awakening, remembering, and a completion, of sorts.

it brings to my awareness ways i’ve dulled/numbed/conformed certain aspects of my natural tendencies over the years to try make the journey less bumpy now and then, which feels inauthentic and superficial.

don’t we all do that, though? adopt masks, stories, beliefs, and personalities to maintain some kind of illusion, within the illusion? hmm.

we live in a time of massive shifts, transitions, and energetic upheaval. these things are both scientific and spiritual, physical and most certainly that which is unseen and other-dimensional.

if you’re brave enough to still yourself, for real, you’ll feel it, although you may have been ignoring it, trying to go about all things business-as-usual, with perhaps an increased anxiety, or feeling of disillusionment.

it’s tough to hold on against the stream that flows from our deepest inner truth. perhaps it’s time to genuinely explore that some more.

we’re in a state of integration that’s a long time coming, but expected and anticipated. that doesn’t necessarily make it comfortable, yet that’s also by choice, when you think about it.

as ever, there is much more going on than most of us care to be aware of, lest our brains explode. concentrating our focus and efforts in all-things-3D is seemingly plenty of work and struggle. who cares about such fantastic notions as ascension?

while it’s a collective issue and concern, our individual minds allow for such an amazing variety and culmination of infinite perspectives and experiences, enriching everyone else.

my story informs your story, and your story informs mine. all the space between connects the consciousness divine.

time for a walk.

love your life,


The Reason Being

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

shine a light

as humans, we thrive when we have something to be passionate about; something that allows us a way to channel, direct, and express limitless energy and potentialities, lest we stagnate and, eventually, erupt.

given that idea, when you look at that which you have chosen as an outlet, is it heavy, or is it light (energetically, spiritually speaking)?

does it introduce muddy weight, or does it have a certain, effortless, lightness (though it may be physically demanding)?

does it benefit the many, or all, or merely profit the one?

does it give, contribute, and enhance, or detract, withdraw, and do harm?

the answers inform you as to whether or not you’re truly aligned with what resonates – a purposeful, real-you calling – or taking on a role defined for you, outside of you, while you’re doing your best to make the square peg fit into the round hole.

what will be your legacy?

“When we intentionally experience sincere, positive emotions, such as caring, compassion or appreciation for someone or something, the heart processes these emotions and begins to become coherent and sends out positive information throughout the entire body.” Institute of Heartmath

thus, as it is for the one, it reverberates alike into the many.

love your life,