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Infernal Conflict

It’s interesting to see how quickly the West has been subsumed into manic hysteria over Russia… almost as if right on cue. Who’s cue? Well, the CCP, among others.

These are long-term, military-grade psychological operations. Everything is cleverly orchestrated, leading us toward centralized control, social credit systems, programmable digital currency, and the systematic erosion of rights and freedoms. We’re being conditioned to not only accept, but to demand oppression, dehumanization, homogenization, sterilization, and safety, safety, safety…

Observe how easily “good people,” were convinced to do horrible, evil, unconscionable things during the plandemic of the past two years. We’re still seeing the effects of “anti-” sentiments, the division of society based on medical fiction, denial of services and support, destruction of families and businesses… For what? An idea. A story. An injection narrative that has no foundation in reality, nor actual medical science.

But it was executed with the utmost care and attention.

The WEF has infiltrated most all democratic governments. They openly boast about it. The CCP has agents positioned in key offices, in corporate social media, in telecom, tech, medicine, and of course, in the banks. When we add it all up, it’s no surprise that we haven’t a clue what we’re fighting about or for, why we’re fighting, whom we’re fighting, or how we’ll ever “win” — not without increased government overreach, control, globalist ideology, and violent intervention.

We have no idea how out of touch we really are; how deeply we’re misinformed, misled, misguided, and under the spell of propaganda, social and cultural manipulation.

We’re living through a critical era in this civilization. We’re on schedule for complete collapse, as has happened numerous times in the past. We can avert these events, but not without significant interference from awake, aware, erudite, and educated people. Our emotions have been weaponized against us, as are our finances, politics, media streams, arts, and culture.

We need to open our eyes and stand up. We choose what to make real. Or, we choose to be told what reality is going to be.

Many of the bitter, divisive, combative social issues playing out in the modern world aren’t happening by chance. Our humanity is under attack, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, epistemologically, and biologically.

Our sex, our genders, our sensibilities, our beliefs, and our interrelationships are being uprooted and forcibly distorted, distanced, disturbed, and derailed. The enemy is everywhere, in everything, and must be sacrificed at the altar of wokeness, social justice, and infantilized, all-or-nothing rhetoric — or be canceled, subjected to “emergency” measures, legislated into oblivion, or mobbed to death in virtual spaces.

It’s a time to actively clean house. It’s a time to find stillness, and to discern anew what is actually true for you, away from the propaganda and noise-making of dying media. It’s a time to look carefully at what, why, how, and with whom we ally ourselves. It’s a time to throw away blind allegiance, passive, misplaced ingroup dependence, and cult-like addiction.

They’re relying on our widespread ignorance, cowardice, infighting and disarray. They’re counting on our archaic beliefs of misplaced nationalism and dependence on the state; on the money they define, on the parameters they offer.

Time to choose.