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The Last Time

On the awakening path—on the journey to emotional, spiritual and conscious maturity—we’ll come time and again to familiar roadblocks. Frustratingly, the reality is that what wasn’t supposed to happen again, did. But this is the crux of the process, because if we choose to react heavily, to resist, to spiral down the same trap of negativity (the martyr/victim paradigm), we set ourselves back into that old groovy rut from whence we are working to elevate.

Be angry, be furious, be embarrassed, but most critically, laugh it off. The universe has a sense of humor, yet isn’t the one testing you. You are. You want to be solid in the original substance, not tripping on and getting hung up on the old bullshit—self-created or otherwise.

It happened, again. It wasn’t supposed to. Choose now that it’ll never happen again. Level up. Have gratitude for how easily you bounce back and upward from these hiccups. Walk on.

Solvitur ambulando