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Popping Reality Bubbles

Being defeatist and stuck in victimhood is precisely what “they” desire. Their AIs, ad firms, public education curricula, corporate lobbyists, brainwashed activists, “truther” news sources, controlled opposition, and, of course, useful idiot robot politicians work tirelessly to persuade you that what they say on repeat is true about the world.

It’s all nonsense. Epistemological blinders and mind control mechanisms distort your perception constantly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s drinking, smoking, vaping, eating junk food, watching your screen, pornography, infidelity, stinkin’ thinkin’, not liking exercise, not liking vegetables, not liking water, working a job you don’t enjoy, buying things you don’t need, getting into debt, materialistic addictions, depression, disease, or going to the doctor and tricking you to demand medical poison……’s them doing it to you. There’s nothing wrong, broken or defective about you whatsoever. They just know how you’re designed and because they know how you’re designed…..they can hot wire your mind at any time, simply because they hide this valuable information from you. If you don’t know any or all of their tricks, you’re sort of a sitting duck. I’ll teach you all their tricks so you can sidestep their clever attacks

Jason Christoff

State-funded media, search engine censorship and curation, social media algorithms, and government propaganda all create and perpetuate reality bubbles that blind and numb you to the possibilities.

You need to take back control of your actions, beliefs, values, and preferences.

There are 196 sovereign countries in the world. At the moment, only 87 countries are considering CBDCs, and the majority are not the power-hungry fascisto-communists we see in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

There’s much more to the story. Break the pattern.

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