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A Deeper Reflection, ou La Grande Galerie

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
Love Universal, by Djembe and Canvas

Love Universal, by Djembe and Canvas

it’s fascinating how we explore the emotional range, all the way from the darkest shadows, to the purest, natural light.

what’s a little challenging is recognizing the ways it’s projected, reflected, and made manifest out in “the world”.

we’re not always quick to recognize it in everyone who comes across our path, nor do we necessarily see it in the little bird we’d made eye-contact with. we are more anxious than excited by solar flares…

we didn’t see it in the rolling waves of the water’s edge; didn’t feel it on the wind; didn’t notice it when the clock read 09:09, 10:10, or 11:11…

but, we’re starting to.

we’re recognizing it in the waves of peaceful, unified protests, crowding the public places, reverberating instantly throughout the world through our light-speed social and information networks.

we’re increasingly aware of and seeing through age-old fa├žades and illusions employed by manipulative storytellers.

we’re ever more compassionate toward our fellow Earth inhabitants, the flora and fauna, and what lies in the soil beneath our feet, clear to the core of our fine, celestial home.

we’re learning the balancing act of yin/yang, masculine/feminine, black/white, right/wrong, and recognizing the power and ease in this, that, and the other.

we’re witnessing a generation of children, born with the tools and inherent abilities to make discoveries, challenge our assumptions, and lead in the heart-centered way.

this is the now adventure. this is the possibility of conscious co-creation, awakening the vast potentials we’ve allowed to lie dormant.

it all reflects back to us the clarion call to embrace, integrate, and elevate.

be love.

love your life,


Learning to Walk

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014


we come to a place where we can delight in the quirks and eccentricities of everyone we cross paths with – a further benefit of having that total acceptance of who we are, embracing it.

we make the reasoning to avoid others because of a belief that we don’t fit in, or relate, or resonate, but in truth, we’re just in total judgment of ourselves; we put up the walls.

fear-based constructs are just that, and not based on anything permanent, or inflexible. the trick is to learn to recognize when we’re projecting what may seem like a protection scheme, when in fact it’s just a coping mechanism.

we’re terrified of exposing our wounds and weaknesses, woes and worries.

yet, therein lies the beauty of the opportunity.

we tend to forget just how similar the trials and challenges of everyone else are to our own! we’re surprised when someone we hardly know, in a moment of authenticity, shares a fear, worry or issue that we likely could have shared ourselves.

we are one, though individuated and seemingly apart. collective consciousness swims through these myriad life experiences, dancing with every concern – from the most common, to the grand universal journey – and we all grow, expand and understand.

we all benefit when you have a revelation. we all benefit when you trip and fall. we all benefit when you hurt the most, and we all benefit when you cry the biggest tears of joy and triumph.

we all walk together. we are never alone, never forgotten, and never lost; never gone.

all-that-is is love, and loving, unconditionally. when we genuinely connect with and remember that, the mind chatter and egoic weights, doubts, scepticism, cynicism and fear, are recognized once again as merely colours on the palette; tools in the toolbox, and not the entirety of possibility and potentiality.

we are much, much more. solvitur ambulando.

love your life,

Bring It All Back (The Ones)

Arson, as a Virtue

Friday, May 30th, 2014

take flightlight the fire. any bridges, boats, or bindings to the way you’ve always gone about it will hold you back, or slow you down.

free yourself to fully engage who you are here, now.

free yourself to elevate the game, and be open to soul-stirring surprises.

there are ups and downs, ebbs and flow. remember that you’re never really stuck in a moment, though appearances may deceive. step outside the construct and remember who and what you really are.

you’re an infinite, divine, focused individuation of consciousness, multifaceted, and magnificent.

just shut up and sit with that for a while.

your ego will want to judge, defend, label, constrict, pooh-pooh, discard, and disregard what is at its core fundamental universal truth.

so what? let it. laugh at the utter folly of resistance to love.

be courageous. light the fire.

love your life,

Burn It Down (The Divine Arsonist)