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Saving Daylight

We make time for a lot of things, usually unconsciously. Strange things, like struggle, worry, anxiety, stress and violence; for jobs, deadlines, tasks, superficial arguments, small-minded obligations; for another’s dream or ridiculous routine.

Ultimately, we will rue all the apparent “wasted” time, regretting chances not taken, risks not dared, kisses not stolen and words not spoken. We always knew in the moment what the right thing was to do, yet we chose to suppress or ignore it, or to talk/think ourselves out of it, as if our minds and our logic could compute such wonder.

We make such complex work of love, life, purpose and fulfilment. We’d do well to listen more often to the wind, get soaked by the rain, connect with the trees, and stare into the flame. Shut it down, turn it off.

In the everyday, look again. See past your reflexive and predictable reactions and well-practiced defenses. Consider why you’re making and giving your time to unworthy, empty people, ideologies, fabricated chaos and noise.

Create your art. Build your home. Find your family. Be you, sooner rather than later.

Solvitur ambulando