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From Coddling, to Crippling, to Snowflake

We’re a few generations in now to the unceasingly debilitating culture of restrictive ideology and unchecked identity politics. We’ve gradually eroded the institutions of the arts, sciences, and education — which are today guided heavily by benefactors, politics, and tuition fees; greed, hubris and myopic perspectives.

We’ve sensitized, coddled and crippled administrators ignoring completely the potent reality that the populace at large is perfectly capable of adopting sensible, inclusive, bridge-building social paradigms without the heavy handholding. It seems in all industries that control, litigation, and regulation are believed to be critical to their predictable (profitable) function, yet the results are perfectly clear: we’ve failed our children, and we’re failing our planet, and it’s getting worse.

The science is pretty evident, yet always incomplete — which is as it should be. Truth evolves. Regardless, we know our Earth’s biome is in a state of disease, distress and shock, and if we continue down this road of abuse, misuse, waste and wreckage, this and the next generation could very well be the last of us. We know, too, that our human collective, our entire species, has suffered along the way.

As a cumulative result, we are weaker of character, intellect, and biology. Our presence of spirit and cognitive resilience are generally impaired. Governments continue to lie about debt while colluding with and bailing out corporate criminals. Petrochemical pharmaceutical interests are eagerly anticipating the opportunity for their effectively questionable products to be globally mandated, while the full extent of human healing potential, genomics, epigenetics and reality-shifting energy science is persistently suppressed, ridiculed or ignored. Meanwhile, coal is still being used as fuel.

No, presently, we don’t really seem to have what it takes to reclaim nor to truly embody our sovereignty, or our basic human rights. We yearn to reignite our forums and arenas with passionate, intellectual discourse and debate; to admire and revere again our paragons of education, spirituality, philosophy, exploration, and science; to deeply live with dignity and pride our individual and collective raison d’être. We’re going through automatonic motions and routine, but what is the actual point? What do you truly desire to be, do and have, and why?

Instead, there is an epidemic of snowflakes.

Our collective spirit is unsettled. We are tired, exasperated, and desperate for cohesion, community, acceptance, belonging, and something to aspire to. We can’t get there if we won’t take a good look at our reflections and projections. We don’t trust the failing constructs and increasingly fragile belief systems of the past. We’re sick and angry because of an unquestioned, unflinching reliance and dependency on bureaucracy, governance and oppressive authoritarian mandates. Worse, we don’t trust ourselves, and our cumulative shame has moved us to the disturbing conclusion that now requires us to wear a mask.

Is this the world our parents had imagined for us?

Solvitur ambulando