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Why So Cynical?

Every job that can be done by a machine will be. The market system favors the market, not the people — however consumers are key to making the machine work, so the current era of data-mining and hyper-surveillance likely aims to keep that in check. Though, perhaps more and more of us will wake up to the ideas that buying cheap made-in-China shit and pursuing endless, mind-numbing distraction is wasteful, depressing, and woefully unfulfilling.

It’s 2020, and a “pandemic” suddenly adds another frightening thing to the endless list of ways for humans to die, while simultaneously shutting down the world as we know it. It provides the power-that-be a means to terrify the collective, and to take away a few more liberties — while affording us, the infinite creator beings, the opportunity to reassess our lives and our choices. What do we really, actually want anyway? Why were we so busy with just being busy? Who can we believe about anything anymore? The industrial complexes of our modern world have proven to be agenda-driven mindfuckery, keeping us at each other’s throats and seeing the world only through distorted lenses.

You work, save, plan and do. You don’t know why, really. Maybe your parents or other external influences tried to instill ideas of a lifestyle and living well, money, family, beliefs and values, but you’re questioning all of that now. And really, it’s about time that you did.

Feelings come and go. Everything changes. Where and how will you ever feel safe? When will you ever be seen for who you are? Where will you belong, feel loved and understood, able to live authentically, honestly and powerfully as the real you?

There are no easy answers. Now is the time to really sit with that pain, confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety to go deeper within, and to tap that true original substance. The superficial things are breaking down and tearing apart. The distortions and dysfunctions are showing their ugly faces and being exposed for what they are. It is a time of massive change. It is what we’ve been waiting for, and demanding for ourselves.

If this world is at the leading edge of the universe, that school of the highest potential wherein we were/are destined/fated to be the envy of countless other worlds, then everything seems to be going as planned; it feels impossible, and it looks like everything is coming apart at the seams; the planet is damaged, and so are we; the energies are toxic, and so are we. The universe is looking for closure, and so are we.

What is that going to look like? How will it feel? What happens next?

Go within. Drop the facade, observe the endless, cyclical patterns, let them pass, and listen. Be uncertain, terrified, unclear and confused. Delve deeply into the silence. Find that heart-soul space and stare into infinity. What have you got to lose?

Solvitur ambulando