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disowning monsters

it really is time to uproot the most obvious of the unconscious designs and programs we continue to blindly perpetuate….

three little words

i am enough.

who am i?

i watched Teal Swan’s latest video “Why You Can’t Feel Loved for Who You Are” and it hit something really deep, like a sledgehammer to my heart. we’re so identified with our doing, our ego – and how our parents and society only ever validate and value our doings – that we have no idea…


they talk about the 10,000 hours it takes to master something – a musical instrument, a language, a trade skill, a sport, etc. it is something i have experienced, in my own way, and perhaps gleaned useful insights. what we may get through an organized training system, or educational institution, is a fairly predictable process,…

the pursuit of a passion. or, why even try?

  i wonder… how many of us┬ánever take the chance – to really go for it – to pursue our┬ápassion (which can certainly change), for fear of failing at it? perhaps, because failing at the one thing (since we made it just one thing) we really, always, desperately wanted to be/do presents somewhat of a…