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Opposites Distract

I was walking on the beach at low tide the other day, amazed at how much sandy goodness hides under all that salty brine. I came across five large words scrawled in the sand: vax, mask, distance, calm, care. I wish I’d take a photo of it, because it was amusing, annoying and infuriating all at the same time.

I was tempted to scrawl “don’t” beside or above this would-be positive yet remarkably ignorant message, but it is simply a stark indicator of the chaotic moment we’re living in, strange as it may be. So many of the ideas we live by — as we are regularly coerced through fear and manufactured hysteria into believing — are inverted, reversed, and in opposition to the way nature and a natural human operates. So, here I will explicate as to why it is triggering to me to see this type of nonsense messaging everywhere, being adopted and abided by otherwise good, well-meaning people.

Don’t vax. This should be an obvious thing to anyone who has bothered to do ANY research into these perverted, toxic, useless, strictly-for-profit and control concoctions. Being pro- or anti-vax isn’t a thing. It’s a manufactured, psychologically divisive tactic.

Don’t mask. It is insane to me that anyone believes that a piece of cloth will stop the spread of anything. Regardless of the fact that there is no airborne bogeyman out there, or that no one in the world has isolated nor proven it to exist, the idea that “protecting” one another by this pathetic excuse for science and reason is mind-boggling. It’s infantilistic mindfuckery, pure and simple, causing psychological and bodily harm along the way (hypoxia, bacterial infection, submissiveness, paranoia, and anxiety). Again, being pro- or anti-mask isn’t a thing. It’s a made-up, polarizing argument to mess with our minds.

Don’t distance. Again, quite obvious. Think! Humans are social, energetic, sensory and sensual mammals. We absolutely need community, closeness, touch, love, companionship, face-to-face and eye-to-eye communication, or we’d break down, shrivel up and die – figuratively and literally. Distancing and isolation is absolute nonsense, medically, psychologically and spiritually speaking. Who pays for all those fancy plastic or permanent metal signs posted all over the world right now? Could it be the taxpayer?

Don’t be calm. Wake up, please. Certainly, be peaceful, meditative, contemplative, and kind. Be grateful and appreciative for your friends, your life, and your family. But don’t be an idiot. Don’t be passive, docile, complacent, compliant, subjugated, enslaved and agreeable to egregious abuses of power and widespread corporate and political corruption.

Don’t care. Don’t care about the ridiculous rhetoric, controlled narratives, manufactured societal segmentation and taking of sides, the non-existent threats and the inane, absurd, asinine mandates. Ignore television, social and news media, knowing that everything being reported and hyped 24/7 is false and untrue, until and unless you prove it to be otherwise for yourself.

The powers that be are, time and again, taking you for a ride on a crazy train, devised and designed to keep you weak, confused, disoriented and dependent on their control structures. Throughout history, tens of millions of humans have been injured or killed by other humans, believing they were right and justified in their actions. Many good and kind and decent people aren’t even aware of their complicity, having been raised and programmed all of their lives within a system that shapes and distorts their reality. We know these institutions as education, government, finance, news/information and entertainment, to name just a few.

These are the times we are living in right now, and it’s critical to reclaim a modicum of rationale and higher reasoning. Think for yourself. Feel into the ideas being presented, and whether they have any ring of truth to them.

Lies and logical fallacies are the theme of these past decades and centuries. All of these mind-controlling, reality-distorting methods and means have been used and cleverly applied many times before.

How far shall we let them go this time?

Solvitur ambulando