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The Tortures of Transition

It is quite an intense hotbed of opinion, politics, triggering and polarization out there these days. We want some semblance of certainty, yet the world we thought we knew is crumbling around us in ways we’d never expected it to. As a result, our interactions — forced in recent months to be primarily online — are somewhat emotionally charged, as our concerns over health, freedom of speech, and media confusion are at an all-time high.

Nevertheless, this is an important phase in our collective transition. Buckle up, because there’s a lot more to come, and not too far down the road.

The human immune system is never out to kill bacteria and viruses. That is not its purpose.

Its purpose is to bring you into balance with those organisms. You’re supposed to have bacteria, and fungi, and viruses in every niche of your body. If you were a sterilizing machine, you’d be dead. The public is starting to realize that there’s been a long play here, by the pharmaceutical industries as a whole, to start to really control human behavior for their own profit. Once you start to try to have to force people to use your product, you’re going to fail.

People are inherently a creative species. They are striving for biologic, and psychologic, and philosophical, and ultimately spiritual freedom. You cannot suppress that stuff.

Zach Bush, MD

I, and many, many others, have explored and researched aspects of virology and the nature of human health more in the past six months than ever before. The ways in which Western medicine treats human wellbeing is somewhat appalling. Of course, my aim has been to discern the motivations and reasons for the massive campaign of disinformation and fear propaganda proliferating in the public consciousness right now. I’ve always believed that this pandemic wasn’t what it appeared to be, but I needed to dive deep to begin to get a grasp as to justifying those intuited perspectives. Perhaps you can relate.

The triple-board-certified physician, educator and researcher Zach Bush has been incredibly helpful to me in these past months, alongside many others from varying fields. Among the dozens and dozens of articles, interviews and videos I have ingested, I’ve found that his work and experience to be broadly sourced, and I have come to trust his integration of ideas and relevant information. He is exceptionally gifted at synthesizing knowledge and hard-earned wisdom from his work in health, disease and food systems. It’s quite obvious that our health and wellness are directly related to our soil, farming and food production processes.

Nature can very quickly reverse extensive biological and geological degradation at the fundamental levels of life, that can not only improve our food supply, but reverse the negative effects of unnecessary genetic modification, over-fertilization, sterilization, and outright toxic practices that have not only bankrupted and destroyed many farmers around the world, but have chemically and biologically harmed them and their families. Industrialized agriculture has also contributed to broader environmental degradation, naturally. It’s a terrible reality that needs more attention and a continued injection of involvement and integration. Billions of dollars funneled into the coffers of multinational conglomerates must be reclaimed and reapportioned toward those who care deeply for humanity and the Earth.

Nations already suffering from substandard healthcare infrastructures (read, corrupted) are now pushed further beyond the breaking point. Vaccine manufacturers openly boast about charging as high a price as they can for the Covid vaccine, though heavily funded by the government (to produce yet another questionable treatment, which of course will require repeated administration, year after year).

Others are leading the charge at clearing up just what Covid-19 actually is, whether it is an actual threat, and what the legitimate science and data is behind all this mess — the most important of which you and I will likely never be able to know about, unless we invest a significant amount of time and effort into learning about it. All the while, the frenzy and paranoia created by government officials and other politicians who keep changing their story — offering cherry-picked data points and confusing, increasingly draconian mandates, undoubtedly influenced by powerful players behind the scenes — adds fuel to the fire of discontent, disillusion, demands from citizens, and minimizing political and litigious fallout.

As I see it, virus scares have been ramping up for nearly twenty years, so it’s no surprise that this latest scare had sufficient momentum behind it to tip the scale of the general population into a willingness to consent to outrageous, destructive measures that effectively shut down the modern world. I still can’t quite believe how effective it was, but, there it is.

. . .

There’s an unquestionable amount of cognitive dissonance among us. When you have believed for a long time that “I trust the government” — because all roads lead to and from the system that holds and maintains the infrastructure of our increasingly fragile society together — it’s a nearly insurmountable challenge to break that paradigm within our reality construct. We trust the officials, the doctors, and so on. We believe that representatives of the ministry of health are the best and only trusted source necessary to guide us, protect us, and to keep us safe. Granted, they have an enormous responsibility. Countless millions of people rely on their counsel and information. We make life decisions based on the regulations and mandates put forward by this system and their talking heads. 

Much of public discourse, from healthcare to foreign policy, revolves around safety, security, and risk. Covid-19 policy also centers on how to prevent as many deaths as possible and how to keep people safe. Values such as the immeasurable benefits of children’s play, of singing or dancing together, of physical touch and human togetherness are not part of the calculations. Why?

Charles Eisenstein

So, how and why would we ever challenge that narrative? How could we ever consider having the audacity to not only disagree, but to stand against their conditions?

I believe that today, in this now generation, we absolutely must inject a fierce, unforgiving, critical thinking when it comes to considering the rhetoric and politically loaded, doomsday notions coming down from on high. There is just too much at stake to simply walk blindly along the path laid out by those in positions of power. We have to demand better, and we have to do away with corruption at all levels. That’s no small feat, nevertheless, it is happening right now.

It’s unnatural to question the narrative, to see past the terrible, frightening headlines. It takes time to wrap your head around a different perspective. It’s nearly impossible to shift your belief system, especially when you know someone who is ill or dying, when you’ve seen areas of the world afflicted by an invisible enemy, and anxiety-producing data is coming from you in all directions. Signage and warnings about masks and distancing and sanitizing are ubiquitous. What are you supposed to do? How can you distill the truth amidst all this very loud and disturbing noise?

I am not advocating that sociality become a new absolutism to replace death postponement as the overriding determinant of public policy. I just want it to be prominent in the conversation. I want to enshrine it as a sacred value. A full social life is not some privileged add-on to the meeting of measurable physical needs, it is a basic human right and a basic human necessity.

Charles Eisenstein

As has Charles, so have I written about it in numerous ways over the years. He’s certainly more skilled at it, however. I highly recommend his books.

There is no singular, satisfactory answer, and perhaps I haven’t actually done a good enough job of answering it. What I am sure of is that there is a battle waging right now, for the soul of the world’s cultures, for the sovereignty of the people, and for the concepts, ideas, perceptions and perspectives of what it means to be alive. There’s a battle waging inside all of us, reaching down into the shadowy depths, asking us deeply to choose freedom, creatorship, authority, and to blast away all barriers to knowing and embodying what is real.

Want only what is real. Seek to understand the suffering and imbalances inside you that allow fear to overwhelm your heart and capacity for reason. Cleanse your psychological, biological and spiritual systems. Give your body and mind more breaks; fasting, meditation, time in nature, time away from all devices and information; time with your art, your family, your own deep breaths.

You are enough! You are alive! You are loved. You are here as part of our collective journey, as an instrument in the grand symphony, not simply to reiterate the same old musical pieces, but to expand and reimagine the composition for the future of this fine human species.

For extensive Covid-19 data and up-to-date information, I would recommend spending some time at this website by the non-profit, Swiss Policy Research. Or, find something that resonates with your preferences and values, but seek truth and understanding.

Recently, both gents I’ve quoted above did a podcast together. It’s a greatly informative, enlightening discussion. I hope they will do more. I would also recommend an interview with Zach on Mark Groves podcast, Create the Love.

Be awake. Be aware. Be the change.

Solvitur ambulando