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Trash Contractor

Much of our social training and cultural conditioning as thinking beings has an unnatural bent toward the negative.

It’s an extension of the idea of “not enough.”

We typically focus on ridding ourselves or our lives of things we do not want. But there is a vast difference between pushing away — or steadfastly resisting — and letting go, or allowing and welcoming that which we prefer.

It’s critical to be conscious of all the destructive ways we expend our precious creative energies. Too often, we default to the reactionary, low-level, yet high-cost battles that inevitably leave us depleted and wanting.

You can clearly observe it in common emotional transactions, especially between parents and children, or lovers and partners. Those dearest to us are undoubtedly both the givers and receivers of compressed and intense growth and personal transformational catalysts.

But the trickier and more insidious aspect of these struggles lies within us.

Our modern society engenders a perpetual battle between heart and mind; between rote logic and the feeling space. On this collective road to re-balancing, we must constantly remember to be easier on ourselves about it all.

Competition, comparison, and purposeful spiritual obfuscation may unintentionally leave us believing that even treading water is a survival tactic — never mind what awaits in the deep end of the pool.

There is practical validity in betterment, achievement, and challenge, and it lies within self-discovery, self-awareness and the struggle with happiness. As we clarify and actualize our preferences, we know full well what we do not want.

What floats the boat is the inherent lightness of focusing on that which we do want, what we do prefer, what we feel good about, dream about, and imagine best-case scenarios about.

This is where the poetry of this Earthly place exists. The stars and planets are made with ease, grace, patience and the substantial force that worries not about clocks and clunky measuring sticks.

Solvitur ambulando