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Hi! I’m Trance.

I’m a singer-songwriter, music producer, photographer, filmmaker, and writer . . . among other things.

My journal is an ongoing effort to raise the collective vibe of humanity by sharing a synthesis of knowledge, life experience, philosophy, spirituality, and all those myriad things that make us human, on Earth, at this time. It’s more important than ever to live your truth, to find again your deep connection to self, and to sing your own song.

My music, a lifelong passion and creative pursuit, is infused with much of the same. I’ve always been driven to project a little more love out into the world.

I enjoy photography, and work in film/media production. I am a voice artist.

I walk around, a lot, mostly in nature. I sit in coffee shops, a lot. I care about this world, a lot.

Read more, if you’re interested or curious.

Thanks for stopping by!

Solvitur ambulando