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As with anything in this life, the more we agree to the conditions of an accepted limitation or barrier, the more we will find ways to justify and/or argue for it.

Pretty soon, much of your every day becomes a cycle of severely limited form and function, repetitive spirals of thinking, being and doing.

The artificial “intelligence” of modern marketing, social media machines and advertising giants absolutely adore you for all your worries, pains, gripes, whinings, endless needs for healing, and sharings — with which to lead you to purchase services and products you don’t need, don’t really want, and probably can’t afford.

If we accept the ideas of always dealing with the struggles of life, the struggles with our bodies, or minds, or emotions, then we engage in the parameters defined by the ideas we give energy to.

Saying “I am really controlled by the weather” is one of many thousands of these little agreements that — though seemingly innocuous — ripple out into our realities. Once planted, the seed is given soil, fertilizer and plenty of water to flourish, again and again. In this case, we become victims of the most common, changeable, flowing and unpredictable forces of nature!

We need to reclaim the power of our words, our thoughts, and ultimately, our doings. We’re too easily polarized within, and without, which is indicative of the cumulative effect of thousands of maligned and distorted programs and conditions.

You don’t need to worry about all that. This work can itself lead to a cyclical, ineffective black hole of self-hate, guilt and shame. It’s just another layer of the same issue.

Instead, start fresh. Like the garden after the winter, we must till the earth, introduce nutrients, the sun, and the seeds of that which we prefer to grow and to feed us.

There will be weeds, and that’s all you need to tend to, if and when they come up. Weeds can have deep roots, so be patient with the process, learn about who you are, and be easy on yourself throughout.

What is cultivated, what remains, is your realness, and your vibrant, productive, creative, unleashed, natural human self.

With every breath, with every season, begin.

Solvitur ambulando