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Empty Matters

When 99.9% of all we will be, do, or have doesn’t really matter, the least you can do, truly, is be of beneficence and uplift everywhere you happen to go.

It’s all perspective. What will last beyond this lifetime? How about 100 lifetimes? Or 100,000? The most precious of gifts and only lasting things of this place reside squarely, and absolutely, in the present.

This reality is an egoic and psychological trip and an impermanent trick of light. All we set about to do and struggle with, all we plan for or regret not daring to do, will fade away or be forgotten… The rest will return to space dust.

Your hairstyle, your religion, your language; no silly government, school, border, car, house, bank, book, belief or victory will even compute beyond several generations, let alone a millennium and beyond.

What are you so worried about? Why so desperate? Why compromise your unconquerable soul for dollars? For social acceptance? For membership to a dysfunctional society?

What is your why? Who are you? When fundamentally and most basically our only derived purpose or reason for being whittles down to feeling — feeling good or happy — why do we keep allowing innumerable sideroads, distractions and half-baked scripts take us away from ourselves and our genuine truth? We seem to be configured with a predisposition to break our capacity for living this truth, and thus damage ourselves, then find ways to fix it or to heal. It is odd. And with every generation we find new ways to repeat the entire rigmarole.

It is common to conform, and it is inevitably numbing and painful. We can observe all across our society and the world the countless attempts at injecting meaning and purpose into ordinary constructs (jobs, careers, corporations, politics, industrialized education) that simply cannot contain nor fulfil them.

People don’t want to be managed or preached at. They want to be lead; inspired. They want to be heard and challenged in ways that resonate powerfully with their heart and guided holistically into their own song — which would undoubtedly bring harmony and elevated energies wherever the road may lead.

We traditionally treat careers and responsibilities like a terminal disease, where much of it is based on post-industrial waste. By extension, we beat our hearts, minds, and bodies into submission and mostly out of shape. It’s all rather heavy and convoluted.

So change. All the incessant software, operating system and hardware upgrades are never fully secure, nor will they ever be finished. In human terms, you’ll never get it done. It’s about the journey, remember?

Who you are, right now, works just fine; you are enough. If you feel lacking or incomplete, start with the heart and build out from there. Let the noisemakers make their noise. They may ultimately come back to a place of love, but it just doesn’t matter.

Love with all of you, so you can hurt with all of you. Speak your truth or just shut up. Trust the flow and keep your eyes, ears, and heart open.

Love your life
Solvitur ambulando