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They’re not judging you. It’s all you.

When you consider the holographic nature of what appears to be around you, there’s a certain futility in trying to distinguish “me” from “you” — that, and all that comprises the seemingly solid ground between us.

Where are you, if I simply turn around? We are completely dependent on our definitions and discernment. We are at the mercy of merely five senses! Ridiculous.

It’s no wonder this place is so violent; the very nature of physicality and desired individuation requires perpetual recognition, opposition, polarization, and apparent mutual identification — lest the construct collapse and revert back to its singularly un-self.

Expansion is moot without the other.

If you consider that it’s all data, you begin to recognize your influence. We say “we are all one” all the time, but rarely is the notion truly, deeply grasped or understood; it’s not merely a religious tenet, nor a spiritual platitude.

If we can use focused thought to heal another, in the same room, or across the planet from us, can we not in the same way nudge a particle of space dust floating nearby Alpha Centauri A?

Consider that everything you ever feel or believe is a program — a certain manifestation of established parameters. How then is suffering possible? Only through many layers of the story — our internalized story — do we succumb to its burden. Everything else is a fabrication, useful primarily to expand our conscious essence and to explore infinite configurations, in infinite realities.

But how is it of any practical use?

Every thought, belief, perception and reaction you have of another, originates in you.

The projections, reflections, distortions and manifestations we perceive are information — from us, to us, with us, for us.

So, when I say, “start with love,” perhaps the world looks a little different now.

Solvitur ambulando