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Unpredictable and Turbulent

There’s a phrase, or a variation thereof, that’s popular nowadays… Something along the lines of “…in these unpredictable and turbulent times…” said frequently with regards to peaceful practices, mindfulness, meditation, and standing up for what we believe in. Does every generation have their underlying, perpetual, victim-state belief structure?

We certainly don’t own the rights to struggle, equality, fighting injustice, economic uncertainty, political sea change, racism, sexism, violence and general stupidity. In fact, we’re playing many of the same old songs, over and over again. We have some new terminology and the instant gratification of worldwide dissemination and distribution of big, bold headlines, social media quips and rants, and graphic images… And selfies.

What is this default woe-is-me stance we adopt? Some of it is passed down genetically, perhaps. Some of it is perpetuated by the entertainment and media industry. Some of it is the sum total parents knew to spew forth and regret later. Some of it is bullied into us. Some of it is unresolved karmic trauma. Some of it is because of the planets and stars…?

Really, there are numerous philosophical layers and psychological methods we can explore, integrate, and poison ourselves with. How is it there must always be something wrong (with us)?

Would we not know gratitude, if we didn’t know lack? Would we recognize love, if we didn’t know hate? Would we need the word peace, if we’d never known violence?

We dance on a precipice between logic/mind and feeling/heart. We distort it quite regularly, however… Like a child that gets his favorite new toy, and smashes it on the ground within minutes — or plays with it, moves on and forgets about it just as quickly.

Remember, these iniquitas are essential ingredients to this fantastic life journey; these are the tools of an interesting, expansive, engaging life. We forget that there are no actual victims here.

We, each of us, are held together by the same construct, algorithm, geometry and creative energy that manifests worlds. How could we ever be in any danger? Why should we ever fear death? We fear having regrets. We fear the shoulds. We fear living inauthentically, and we project it out in a thousand thousand ways… Desperate to blame and name something or someone else for our absent courage.

Let’s be honest, we crave the unpredictable and turbulent. We wouldn’t keep coming back for another go on this planet if we weren’t the thoroughly adventurous kind. Give yourself some credit. Sit for a bit and maybe frown, maybe wonder, and then don’t be surprised when the smile suddenly surfaces…

Yeah, you crazy shit-disturber, you…

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life