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You Are the Medicine

The headline reads: You Can Train Your Body to Think It’s Had Medicine; Researchers reveal the potential of harnessing the mind to reduce side effects and slash drug costs…

There is more to this than the obvious, and largely superficial, medical benefits. Placebo is real, but you have to be willing to think bigger. You have to be willing to be responsible for your thoughts in general.

If you can really grasp the depth of the power of ideas, thoughts, learning, mind control, and conditioning, you will see how there is absolutely no need for any “virus” to exist for there to be a “pandemic”. No “contagion” is needed at all for many millions of people to become ill, or even to die.

COVID has been a training ground for citizen obedience. But the medical dictatorship wants more. Always more. And they’ll dream up one occasion after another to secure more.

Bird flu. Monkeypox. Smallpox. Whatever STORYTELLING it takes.

The medical cartel is in the business of making horror movies and promoting them as real.

Jon Rappoport

Recognize this century-old, generations-deep psychological operation for what it is: fraud. It’s a sham. A hoax. We’re infinitely more impressive and capable than anything the medical cartel will ever think up, make up, fictionalize, invent, trademark, market, and promote.

Further to that, when the only possible answer and solution is dependent upon the whims of the Church of Modern Medicine (and Science™), no consideration is given to the broader implications of circumstances, environment, intrinsic, and extrinsic causality and correlation.

Medical science today is funded and directed by those who have the money and the means. It is heavily influenced by those who seem only to care to maintain that power, not by those who genuinely care about true and resilient health, genuine healing, and the wellbeing of humanity. With only a modicum of effort, you can find thousands of accounts of suppressed, erased, maligned, ignored, sequestered, and destroyed research – all of it flying directly in the face of profits and control of the medical industrial complex mafia. While millions of practitioners may mean well, their indoctrination does them, and any patients who come across their path, a great disservice.

Liars achieve great success in a deceitful system, which rewards them with money and prestige. But the line is blurry between the scientist who knowingly, cynically, and deliberately prunes a data set to get the “right” results, the scientist who extends a study to a new end point because the initial end point brought negative results, and the scientist who designs a study to minimize the possibility of negative results in the first place.

Charles Eisenstein

Ego, arrogance, and rampant unchecked hubris must be squashed and eliminated from medicine and science. The entire industry could be remade in a generation, and the lives of many millions of people would be spared, many millions of injuries avoided, and immeasurable suffering and pain could and should be averted.

We just have to choose it.

Today we have belligerent, captured adolescents (PMOs, PHOs, MDs, RPNs, RNs, etc.) badgering, segregating, gaslighting, bullying, and berating healthy people who decide not to play along with germ theory and containment theater. Many who would claim to be educated professionals somehow turned into the nastiest, most tyrannical human beings we’ve seen in generations. It has to stop. We need to heal. We need to move the collective upward and out of these low energies.

Choose wisely.