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A True Path to Healing

We all understand the fundamentals: the positive and beneficial aspects, as well as the traumatic and unresolved aspects and elements of our actual lived and perceived (imagined) experiences, are located in our subconscious mind. It is also well understood that our subconscious governs, defines, limits, or expands the scope and capacity of our daily activities, including our inclinations, beliefs, reactions, decisions, and behaviors. Whether we help or hinder our progress in this life is primarily determined by unseen forces and aspects of ourselves with which we are not readily communicative. So, how can we “heal” and resolve these issues, if any?

We Should

So, what is truly broken about our perceptual and experiential lens? What element is missing from our formulaic ideas and reality perceptions? What factor in the Life equation propels us so easily and effectively toward misguided and maligned expectations, intentions, and imaginations?


Our identity (idem, the same; identidem, repeatedly; we recreate ourselves as we perceive ourselves, until we do otherwise) and our individuality, or individuation (in-divisible expression of duality — quantified as the apparently physical, and the etheric, elemental, energetic, conscious constituents of which it is constructed) may be usefully encapsulated as a “person”.

An Empath Walks into a Fire

There is much to complain about these days, isn’t there? Our Western society is rife with imbalances, violence, judgements, labels, polarity, superficiality, and spiritual disembodiment. One could almost call it conspiratorial in nature, as if some malevolent forces are at work to keep us discontented, disconnected, and dysfunctional.