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The Lie Always Pulls You In

If you are living far enough away from “civilization,” you may have no real concern about the seemingly exponential increase in madness permeating the modern world. Perhaps you’re able to exist within it, but not be adversely affected. Perhaps you’re pretending, carrying on with life regardless of what the powers-that-be are scheming and implementing and forcing upon humanity. Perhaps you’re ready to call it a day.

The lie always pulls you in. Life is a dynamic dance with uncertainty and change, and the more you relinquish control, the more you abdicate personal responsibility, the more inclined you’ll be to adhere to the lie.

The lie is a cover story, forever obfuscating the truth and orchestrated by those desperate to control the narrative. It diverts your eyes from seeing what’s real, borrowing elements of the verifiable, so we’ll pay attention, but ultimately leading us away from the light.

Covid is a revelation. It has lain bare splits in the social fabric that were always there but could be ignored in better times. It has revealed the compliance of the legacy media and the power of Silicon Valley to curate and control the public conversation. It has confirmed the sly dishonesty of political leaders, and their ultimate obeisance to corporate power. It has shown up ‘The Science’ for the compromised ideology it is….

I have learnt more about human nature in the last two years than in my preceding forty-seven. I have learnt some things about myself too, and I don’t especially like them either. I have noticed my ongoing temptation to become a partisan: to judge and condemn those on the other side of the question – those sheeple, those malicious enemies of Truth. I have noticed my tendency to seek out only sources of information which confirm my beliefs. Revelation is never comfortable.

Most of all, though, what the covid apocalypse has revealed to me is that when people are frightened, they can be easily controlled.

Paul Kingsnorth

. . .

In all relationships, the causes of conflict and distress are lies of one form or another; lies of omission, lies of convenience, little white lies, lies of emotional triggers (not what is actually true; what should have been said), lies of reactivity (attachment), childhood trauma, and pain; lies of fear and scarcity, abandonment and loss…

In life, relationships are everything, expanding far beyond the interpersonal. But one could argue that the relationship with ourselves is the most important.

You may be making a genuine effort to attain enlightenment, to shed the old stories and identities, and you may even find success in finally “letting it go.” But the lie will always want to pull you back in – back into the heaviness, routine, old patterns, despair, anger, anxiety, powerlessness and collective madness.

Presence, the universal now, is stolen by the lie, subsumed by unexamined thought, rigidity of belief, and obscured inner knowing.

. . .

by Ömer Yıldız on Unsplash

No longer do science and technology, modern medicine and robotics, social science and rational government promise paradise. Those promises languish in the Museum of 1950s Futurism. Today their best offer is merely to make life tolerable, to restore normality, or to achieve “sustainability.”

Charles Eisenstein

Today, we can likely agree, there is essentially little to no truth nor integrity in many arenas and institutions of modern life. There has been a poisoning of the character of our societal fundaments, perhaps due to the inevitable systemic failures that always come after a time; an epochal, organic, cyclical story that must occasionally be reset. Perhaps it is due to the age-old machinations and methodologies that keep pushing outdated, inadequate, industrialized notions across the world, and the fabric of that materialistic delusion is finally showing itself to be wearing thin and transparent.

Politics, education, finance, technology, science, medicine, religion, spirituality, industry, and commerce – all of them have in very significant ways become distorted by big lies, by collusion and misguided motives, by greed, stupidity, ideology, and absurdity. The fortunate few seem to be the arts, philosophy, and natural law – though not the art of deception and subtle, persistent social engineering purveyed by major film studios and major record labels, nor the outright lies and propaganda proliferated and curated by mainstream and social media. The independent artist, photographer, writer, journalist, podcaster, researcher, critical thinker and seeker of truth, they now are tasked with carrying the torch, carrying the story and elevating what is real out on the fringe – hoping perhaps to avoid the gaze of Big Brother, but regardless, capable of the purpose-driven courage that this pivotal moment in human history demands.

To answer the call, one must understand the lie, to stand free of it, and to listen for the impulse, for the flavor of the impetus that is uniquely ours to pursue.

Many people trust the authorities and willingly comply with their rules. They face no dilemma, no initiatory moment, no self-defining world-creating choice point, not yet.

But as the authorities’ narratives devolve into absurdity and their rules devolve into oppression, more and more of us face this choice:

To live your truth out loud, or
To live by a lie, consoling yourself with secret protest.
To do what you know is right, or
To cave in to the pressure, consoling yourself with words you don’t believe. “I had no choice.”

Yes, for many of us it has come to such a choice. The rehearsal is over.

Charles Eisenstein

. . .

How much choice do we have in what the zeitgeist, over time, decides is acceptable? Who decides what themes and elements of the incomparable human experience will be thrust in our faces – modified, distorted, maligned, politicized – everywhere we look? Why do we so easily accept obvious manipulation, irrational challenges to our nature, and very unnatural solutions to our problems, worries, and survival as a species?

Because of lies.

Big lies have steered our civilization for millennia, while other lies and distortions direct our attention, steal our time, and consume our creative and emotional energy. Are you living your real life?

by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Aspects of our humanity are always under fire, always being pushed, pulled, stretched and challenged – and perhaps that is by our design. Stale, stagnant and predictable energies are empty, vapid, and smell of death. Existing in a reality of duality affords us everything from the subtle to the extreme with which to experience this life – dark, light, good or bad, and all the shades in between. Extrinsically, we are assaulted consciously, subconsciously, physically and metaphysically, coerced and conditioned, programmed and patterned. Our identities and ideologies, habits and preferences can and will be used against us, for it all feeds Big Data, the most prolific and powerful substance of our age; the technocrats fuel, addiction, and foundation for delusional grandeur. We might not want to believe that there are those who seek only to profit, manipulate and control. But if we take a good, honest look around, the evidence is everywhere, online and in the real world.

But we don’t have to live by nor be obedient to their dictates, their delusions, nor their reality framework.

Humanity has always been vastly adaptive, resilient, intuitive, and creative in ways the mechanical minds of materialism cannot comprehend. We have heart and conscience. We have Mother Nature, and a deep synchrony with our sacred home, and its life-sustaining air, water and soil. We’ve had to build and develop parallel, secret and private communities, societies, and services that inevitably replace the dying, corrupt and captured, centralized systems. Revolutions happen with remarkable regularity, but you won’t see them in the news – rather, the narrative will be distorted to enforce cognitive bias and spread misinformation. That is intentional.

Now, for this generation, it is a revolutionary moment wherein we are being called collectively to step into the arena and address the madness.

by Jan Genge on Unsplash

. . .

Are you the one who decides what your needs are? Are you sure?

Who or what is attractive, what is valuable, what is important, what is meaningful, how to earn a living, what to learn, who to love, what to wear, what to eat, whether to start a family, what medical products you should ask your doctor about… On and on, the ceaseless noise inundates our senses with the lies of commerce and consumerism, cultural conformity and social fitness. It’s no wonder the necessity to absolutely “lose our minds” becomes critical; we must decidedly wrest back control of our emotional, cognitive and higher faculties if there is any hope of healing the rift between what’s merely superficial and meaningless, and what is real and true and pure about who and what we are and desire to be – individually, and as a civilization.

The lie always pulls you in, if you let it.

Solvitur ambulando