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The Acme of Skills: Resilient Spirit

You have more energy and creative powers in reserve than you have ever known. You just haven’t had (or allowed for) a reason to summon and put them into practice.

The ways in which we vehemently defend, argue, or throw mud at things we truly hate (or do not care to learn about or understand) is only a tiny sampling of your greater, positively aligned powers and potentiality.

Truly, you don’t even know. Most of us today don’t actively live in the energies of love or above. But you can, right now. Step up, and into your light. Let it shake you to your core and begin to permanently break away the illusory shells this violent and misunderstood reality has been allowed to install. You have to choose it.

And then you have to persistently choose it, again and again, lest someone cowardly and malevolent give you other less resonant, less useful, less heart-centered, less universally true variations. You have to become your own champion, and direct your consciousness in the directions that on some level you’re afraid to. The big lies have been maintained for so many lifetimes that you question your own, deepest motives, your inherent purity of spirit, and you doubt that the efforts you commit to will help anyone—not even yourself.

You’ve been convinced that it’s not even worth fighting, because the battle is too great, and the odds are impossible.

When you hear minute-by-minute how the climate is broken, your nation is always under attack, your hard-earned money is worth less and less, jobs are disappearing, children are being traded for sex, A.I. is taking over, that your body will age, wither, and painfully die… how do you foster any hope?

It’s not about hope. Hope is a scarcity concept, and is most often used to keep you docile, disempowered and idle. It’s great for political campaigns, as we’ve seen. It’ll have you overstuffing your body, distracting your heart and mind, and dying, again, without having finished your mission.

It serves well those with earthbound, spiritually bereft cravings, greed and vampiric needs. Yet without you, they are powerless. Without your fear, anger, anxiety, worry and infighting, they would likely be gone from this sacred space.

However, consider that those who would profit from your belief in your weaknesses have given you the greatest gift, for if it’s possible to be weak, to be lacking, to be lost, and to feel alone, then the opposite must also be true.


Solvitur ambulando