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In nearly every aspect of civilization, we have reached a low point in modern times. The vaunted and respected institutions of politics and government, science and medicine, education, the military and intelligence communities, journalism and entertainment, and, of course, finance, industry, and commerce have disappeared. They are rotten to the core, with agendas, deceptions, and an obsessive focus on anything but the true, common, and good.

Those in positions of authority, those who make critical decisions that affect the careers and livelihoods of millions, and the hearts and minds of billions, somehow, within a single generation, now all appear to have a particular fondness for pursuing the lowest common denominator. It is curious. How do they consistently get almost everything wrong?

What Embroils Beneath

In Canada, and of course nearly everywhere else in this entangled worldwide machine of malefic industrialization, instead of political leaders, we have pandering, virtue signaling, trend following, corporate lobbying, globo-capitalist shilling, perpetually mudslinging, childish, mindless, and ridiculous puppets. In place of substance and soul, we have superficiality. We get blathering, empty-staring, wide-grinning automatons with teams of lawyers, analysts, public relations firms, and image consultants. Instead of real people, qualified, capable, self-respecting humans who are considerate, genuine, intelligent, capable of answering unscripted questions, and capable of having adult conversations, we have paid actors looking for the next photo op, the next clever party-pushing, socially divisive, narcissistic one-liner, or the next excuse to fly to… another photo op.

And the shit flows from the top down through modern society’s most critical industries, institutions, and infrastructure. Unconscious adherents of The Message appear to be everywhere, setting the weakest, most embarrassing, and pathetic examples of human behavior, adopting and expressing cowardice, complacency, and amoral, unethical, blind obedience to the lowest capacity of philosophical, psychological, ideological, spiritual, and rational standards. Concurrently, amusingly, those who challenge these destructive trends and choose to expose conspiracies, contradictions, propaganda, and lies are considered dangerous and insane.

We can’t go much lower than this. So, perhaps that is reason enough to celebrate and have gratitude. Perhaps this is the era in which things will improve.


In social reform, reaching a critical mass always begins at the bottom and works its way up. This is why our children are frequently subjected to a top-down coordinated psychological, epistemological, and emotional attack. It develops from the outcast, the rebel, the informed, and the conscious, to the family, the village, the community, and ultimately, if the momentum isn’t halted or otherwise distorted, appropriated, or railroaded into yet another devious sociocultural narrative, to be genuinely beneficial to the group as a whole.

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With Great Imbalance…

In times of manufactured tumult, widespread corruption, unchecked and unchallenged government overreach, burgeoning tyrannical oppression, and fascist and communist popular infestations, we can expect to see the fairly predictable and unavoidable backlash of grassroots movements and humanistic balancing effects.

A growing number of people are deciding to take responsibility for their financial stability, emotional and spiritual needs, biological and physical health and well-being, and ultimate purpose in this short life.

They begin to learn about the true causes of illness and disease, as well as what causes fear and a sense of scarcity in them. They discover the pervasive mind control and cultural manipulation that they have been subjected to since they were young children.

They get activated and shaken alive. They become righteously angry, confused at the seemingly endless ways in which the construct they inhabit employs to keep them afraid, powerless, dependent, and fighting with other good and decent people. Eventually, they make an effort to connect with like-minded dissidents and seekers — those who are in increasing numbers resisting the popular narrative, seeing through the fiction, the mind spells, and the word magic — those who want to reclaim their better knowing, to protect the hearts and minds of their children, and to raise the next generation to be more, to be better, to be awake and aware, and to engage in the real, the natural, and the collectively beneficent and beautiful.

Yes, it is a time to celebrate. It is a time to step back, observe the game and all its players, and to say “enough.”

Solvitur ambulando