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Call and Answer

The people around us are always able to reflect the divisive aspects of our identities and, most often, the things we are struggling with.

If it’s something you need, life has infinite ways of providing the information, guidance — and outright kicks in the butt — in exactly the way that will speak through our emotional, psychological and spiritual barriers… straight through to (and from) our soul.

We have to be willing, open and able to hear; we have to allow for moments of contemplative pause, for gratitude, recognition and elevated emotion — so the message has a chance to germinate. Too often, we get into the habit of adding layer upon layer of conditioning that only buries the seeds of our deepest asking. Then we ask again and again, as if the universe didn’t hear us the first time. Or, we disregard the little voice; the immediate answer; deny the opportunity, and get immediately busy with attaining something else as a proxy and necessary substitute for the need we feel isn’t being met.

Life just knows; it trusts, and it operates outside the ideas of struggle and effort. A blade of grass doesn’t think about when and how to grow; a flower doesn’t wonder if it can break through the concrete to greet the sun. It just does it.

The force of expansion is unstoppable. We all know the numbing pain of holding ourselves back, the regret of not being a little more daring ‘that one time’ (rather, the million times), and the exhausting familiarity of the routines of big talkers and aimless bullshitters.

The energies of the universe hardly need coaxing toward that which is for our highest good. We just don’t have the practiced eye, the resonant heart, the conscious awareness beyond that which has been well-established in this lifetime — influenced primarily by someone else.

Yet, we can, at any time, step terrifyingly, courageously into that higher vision we’ve held for ourselves.

And we must.

Solvitur ambulando