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If you want to be a writer, go and get a day job — or start a business or a hustle, so you can eat and maybe afford a roof over your head.

Otherwise (and, in the meantime, unless you were born with bank) acquire a typewriter, any old laptop, or a pen and paper, and write!

Write every day and all the time. Train your subconscious into a persistent creator mode. Work the words, clean up your grammar, and expand your vocabulary. Find your voice. Professional musicians practice at least three hours daily. Serious photographers take hundreds of thousands of photos, never mind the reviewing and editing — and then (if one aims to sell) upload, tag, name, and describe the final works… to multiple sites or services.

Complainers… complain, hours a day, almost every day. The scarcity or lack mindset is extremely powerful and requires exceptional will and practice and effort to replace and overcome. It’s a callus of the mind that builds up over the years, so don’t rush yourself when adopting flexibility, vulnerability and openness.

I know that I haven’t personally mastered it, which is partly why I share these little stories, observations and rants; I am speaking to my self!

But, I also know that you and I are implementing a synergy and quantum field process that benefits the all; consciousness affords us a (playing) field to explore, examine, and discern the patterns and programs and conditions we prefer and desire.

We could call it trial and error, but that’s inaccurate. It’s how things may seem to operate in our physical expressions and manifestations, but so much is ever in-process beyond the increasingly translucent veil.

Outside of and amid the doing and being and believing, our thinking and feeling and focus and unconscious information gathering is fostering the near-perpetual asking.

This is also an argument for expounding upon the power in symbols and words: I want to be a writer; I am a writer; I write.

Then, there’s the perfectionism issue, which is simply another way of saying “I don’t write enough”. Keep on. You’ll find the gems amidst the heaps of less-than-stellar rock and rubble of mining your art.

Blast away!

Solvitur ambulando