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In Defense of Annihilation

It’s clear that as a species, we need the ideas of climate crisis, and global economic and political collapse. We require these seemingly insurmountable challenges to both unite us, and to force us to break through the patterns and paradigms that have brought us exactly and perfectly to this intensely catalytic point in modern history. 

If we survive this transition, we might truly be ready for the “next level” of humanity we are so desperately desiring to be. If we are able somehow to weather, overcome and transcend this purgative, purificatory, illuminatory era, we will have, in fact, already become that which we now seek to be.

I hope that if you’re reading this, you have already been triggered. I hope you are uneasy and even internally argumentative — maybe feeling judgmental or otherwise aggravated. I hope you’re uncomfortable.

If not, I hope that perhaps you can understand or sense the deep truth in these simple words. Ideally, you know it to be correct in some way, as you have felt something not unlike this for a very long time now — perhaps even for your whole life, as I have. You may, in fact, be out in the world now, entrenched on the front lines, making shifts happen. You’re holding a space that’s intensely uncomfortable, yet undeniably thrilling and deeply empowering. This is what it feels like to live authentically. This is what it’s like to align with nature, and to live within the expansive momentum of rising consciousness. You see what can be, what might come to pass, if enough of us are willing and courageous enough to hold the highest vision in heart and mind, and to break the cycles.

Our old systems are utterly failing us. We know this beyond any shadow of a doubt. True innovation and progress has been incredibly slow, with untold resources sequestered into bought and suppressed patents, or the myopic cults of Silicon Valley, and archaic multinational interests that serve only the market system — the same system that’s allegedly wasting and depleting the entire planet’s resources. Yet, even if the solutions were to surface and emerge, applying them to our reality within the framework and ignorance of who we have been until now, will not occur in any efficient or collectively beneficent manner. We’re largely unaware of just how stunted our psychology is, in general, and those currently in positions of power are most certainly not the ideal candidates for ushering in the next generation of systemic reparations, and the vast ecological regeneration that is necessary and long overdue. 

There are small pockets of those who are awake and enlightened, intelligent and well-meaning people. These emergent organizations and groups are motivated and actively pursing and implementing techniques, technologies, philosophies, and sciences that may — if integrated in far broader contexts — reverse backward and dated policies and practices around the world. But is it enough? Will the majority — many of whom are exasperated, facile, ineffectual, impotent armchair activists — get out there and get involved? Will you step up? Or, will you keep believing and trusting and fearing the news and the headlines and the 99.9% fictitious propaganda coming at you from ceaseless, controlled media streams? 

Have you already given up? Are you waiting around for a savior, a hero, something to save you and your family from the endless emptiness and routine? Is it enough to simply keep blaming “the man”, or “those damned politicians”? Isn’t that all our parents ever did? How has that been working for us? Look at the world and accept it for what it is. Now, choose differently.

Many are leaning into escapism and increasingly violent (psychological and physical) forms of distraction. Perhaps you are, yourself. I’ve had my moments, to be sure. And that’s all well and good, but maybe you’re tired of feeling terrible all the time, and being an inconsiderate ass to all the people you care about — worst of all, to yourself.

Modern technologies (body modification, pharmaceuticals and substances, VR, AR, social media, media-service providers, etc.) are all basically compensatory symptoms of the greater problems we’re facing in this generation. These easily accessible things are utile and perceptually expansive, though, to me, these as-yet rudimentary elements should merely be seen as an essential, transformational and enlightening means, not an end unto themselves. 

We have enormous amounts of science and data proving that we, as humans — as who and what we’re designed to be — are capable of far greater feats, capabilities, and capacities than has been selectively indoctrinated into us for countless generations. Within our vastly impressive chemical, energetic and atomic makeup, we’re just scratching the surface of what can and may be possible. The heavy reliance on certain technologies and outmoded ideologies may be deflecting us away from critical, timely discoveries that would be unwittingly destroyed or deferred as we, yet again, project and install our intrinsic value and truer potential onto some sort of artifice or made-in-China device.

Are you weak? Are you broken? Why? What is life, to you? Why do you carry on if it’s all hopeless, pointless, perpetual struggle and pain? You’re just part of the problem; part of the soulless vacuum of consumerism and waste that’s sucking the life out of and from the planet… Could it be you’ve been wrong about all this? Could it be that you’ve been drastically misled? Might it be a perfect time to change the fundamental ways in which you live and how you look at the world?

Do you know what it took to create you? A thought. Curiosity. Wonder. Some stardust. Time. Whether it is/was by divine design, by alien intervention, or by thousands, millions, or billions of years of evolution, IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. 

You are here — now. What a remarkable, incalculable probability. (Kudos to those who are trying to work out this algorithm.) Humanity’s destiny is for you to decide. You choose to act in a manner according to the truth and values dear to your existence, as who and what you actually are, moved and inspired by your impulses and intuitions — or to continue to believe in the illusions and stories and narratives thrust upon you from every direction in this mad, mad world.

We don’t want a utopia! That’d ultimately lead to self-implosion. Creators need to create. Makers need to make. Thinkers need to think. Builders need to build. Dreamers need to dream. Visionaries need to envision. Raw potentiality needs our hearts, minds, and hands.

The challenge and the journey toward actualization and realization is an ever-emerging, non-stop ideation, and we’re right in the thick of it. We have to let aspects of our old stories die, before they well and truly end us. We have to summon the knowing and the courage to understand that this is essential for our survival. 

Solvitur ambulando