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Take My Hand

If they won’t, can’t or aren’t available to meet you halfway, move along. Spiritual connection takes precedence over the animal/carnal needs (perhaps a tall order in a hyper-sexualized society). If it’s to be, it will.

Everyone who shows up has something to teach, and something to learn. Sometimes, it’s good, romantic, and anticipatory to let it linger, but waiting around for a miracle is dangerous.

For me, it shifts from what must be a co-created journey, into imaginative and fantastical, fictitious world-building. The moment you reach for the first “if only they…” you’re slipping down the muddy slope.

Build your dreams together, in real life.

Check in with your heart. Too often we want to use logic in these matters, but taking a moment to feel into the present may allow us a pause to hear something beyond words. Regardless, you don’t ever need to twist and bend yourself in unnatural ways to fit into someone’s now world — nor do they for you.

Growth and healing and mutual beneficence happen organically when two kindred hearts collide. Make space for that.

In the meanwhile, be easy on yourself. The older you get, the more layers of energetic bullshit you may need to sift through and burn away. Be vigilant with your sacred self, and be quick to catch and dispel lies, distortions, and soulless impurities that were never yours to begin with.

With every breath, begin again.

Solvitur ambulando