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Measurement of an Age

Why would you want to live longer?

This life can be quite difficult. With all the frailties of the body, the mind, and the fragmentation and disconnection of spirit, it’s utterly overwhelming at times.

We’re born with a millennia’s worth of trauma from family lineage and our own past/present/future selves. Right out of the gate, it’s a shitstorm. Now, forget everything you knew before coming back into this realm, just to make it all a little more ridiculous and painful.

I don’t believe it to be a virtue to be able to simply survive this place. Most whom I’ve known who claim to be on top of it are apathetic, cynical, numb, or just don’t give a fuck—which is certainly not the same as knowing, and living by, universal perspective and understanding; one is denial, the other is surrender. No, what many of us end up doing and being is a blend of symptoms of an unbalanced, frustrated, violent, and powerless perception. We can get very adept at integrating the low-level psychological dysfunction into our lives, pretending it’s a normal thing. Why, then, are cancer and heart disease so prevalent? Why are our bodies spent, wrinkled, and done by 50 to 70 years of age?

Seriously. Less bullshit, more substance.

Now that science and spirituality are bridging gaps, and blending more and more knowledge, research, and practicable wisdom across their made-up differences, we’re on the cusp of a new age, where our health can and will be extended, both by material, and by non-physical means.

But to thrive in this emerging era, we have a lot of garbage to clean up and out of the human-consciousness mechanism, never mind the mess we continue to make of the planet…but, they’re ultimately and completely connected; addressing the former will take care of the latter. This is obvious.

So, what of today? What do I do, right now? How do I make it all a little easier on my triune self?

As the saying goes: chop wood, carry water. Enlightenment (awakening) is a process, and we are designed to be not only resilient, but resolute and absolute in our capabilities to blend and implement our higher-self understanding, perspective and wisdom in all that we be and do.

What does that even mean?

It means there are no victims here…an important, uncomfortable perception filter reset.

It means that no matter how deep the story seems to go, that it’s just a story. It’s a method and means of codifying, integrating, processing, healing, uprooting, recapitulating, and thus purging the impurities that have for so long hindered and hampered our would-be extraordinary lives.

Why would you want to live longer? Because it seems that in many respects, we’re just getting started. Our values and beliefs are shifting. Our collective is waking up. We’re dropping old and outdated ideas and spiritual contracts like yesterday’s “news”. We’re aware of our inherent and powerful self-healing abilities, and continue to explode centuries of ignorance in science, medicine, religion, commerce and economy.

Solvitur ambulando