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Something Yours

You’ve undoubtedly read a number of books, sufficiently covering the gamut of self-help, philosophy, success, how-to, spirituality, business, and relationships…

Many of them offered an inspiration, and novel ideas, and an all-too-brief motivation to get to work.

You’ve held jobs, some of them decent, but even the best one lasted only two to three years before you again found yourself moving on.

What’s the common denominator here? Why do you keep throwing away economic stability, a semblance of security, and momentary peace?

Is it an addiction to chaos? Is it the need for change and variety? Is it self-sabotage? You’ve had some pretty great partners in pretty good relationships, yet those, too, get treated like everything else…

Is it simply the artist’s path?

Many of these constructs and practical aspects of life have very predictable forms and functions. Everything has a kind of box or frame and codification about it.

And that just won’t do, will it?

Obviously, what we want, desire, dream of and aspire to changes as we go through life. The thread we unconsciously follow along takes us necessarily through the characters, themes, plots, locations, and rigmarole of a very personal discovery.

Perhaps the more self-aware we are or become, the less we attach to any single situation or outcome. “What’s next?” is the thing. “What’s new?” is the motivator.

If you have children, these things are probably a given. Every day is new and next is unstoppable. If you don’t, this journey is quite possibly fiercely internalized, hyper-focused, and perpetually unsettling.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? Life is constant change, constant motion, otherwise, you die.

No natural, organic human being can fit into a box, or within a certain set of parameters — not without brutal, wilful, violent, persistent control and suppression of creative flow.

Our work, therefore, in distilling our singularity of purposeful living, contribution and service to the all, is in discerning and trusting and surrendering to what is now.

You’ve heard it before, yes?

That which manifests the unease, disillusionment, edginess, anxiety and sleepless nights relates fully to the unnatural noise of dysfunctional and distorted systems we struggle to be truly human within. Our resistance only makes it stronger.

Give your hands something to do: gardening, making, sculpting, shaping. Give your mind something to do: explore, discover, question everything, write. Give your heart something to do: love, connect, breathe, know thyself; never settle, but know absolute peace.

You are enough. You are loved. You matter. Don’t worry so much.

Solvitur ambulando