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In the Meaningful Time

Maybe it’s ‘hard work’ and it leaves you feeling spent, emotionally wrecked, and often questioning yourself… but are you engaged, excited, involved, pursuing, growing, testing or pushing your limits?

You will die; either you’ll be sitting or sleeping quietly — possibly full of regrets, worry, judgements, shame and blame — and out of time to do anything about it. Or, you’ll be laughing, content, maybe exhausted, but ready and open and free to hand the better, fuller, elevated world to the next generation of torch bearers — knowing you dared greatly, knowing you failed in epic fashions, yet knowing you also succeeded, persevered, overcame, and burned the hell out of your candle… lighting up a thousand others who, in turn, lit up the rest of the world.

It’s all connected, and there are no actual strangers here; the collective is your family, but you only ever need to be responsible to your gifts, and how you choose to express them.

Solvitur ambulando