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Christopher Osten - Unsplash

Divine Timing

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

We can’t control the timing of outcomes. These calculations are beyond the mind and exist in the unrestricted, boundless dance of energy and light.

Our higher selves, on the other hand, are celebrating because the soul of our infinity knows what lies ahead.

In this place, ours is to trust the flow and allow the unraveling mystery to manifest in the most beneficial way for all.

We may admit to suffering in the meantime as our minds play out well-practiced anxieties, scripts, beliefs, and expectations. Countless hours spent exploring the depths of insecurity, paranoia, fear, and frustration are blessings, lessons, and opportunities for greater lightness, healing, and trust in the love and freedom that lie beneath.

Love your life.

. . .

Water” from Fleshwound