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Tag: conscious awareness

Out in the Open

It’s worth wearing your heart on your sleeve, courageously. The notion stems from chivalry, and knighthood, from Shakespeare and Othello, and like any idiom, faithfully adapts to us in our own perceptions and cultures and meanings, reborn and reborn again as language evolves.

The Future

The pervasive nature of our linear existence can be our greatest foe. We maintain challenging conditions and restrictions here that grind against the very flow of life. Granted, that contrast is how we chose to explore our everything, how we define this physicality, and how we determine the scope of our emotional spectrum.

The Waking Life

We invariably spend years building up the emotional dross, fumbling through existential struggle in frustrating search of a semblance of acuity in vision and mind. Or, our arrogance transports us blindly for a time, rowing with presumptions and bold declarations, pretending not to be infected with entitlement on this shaky, tossed-about whitewater raft.