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Passion or Anger?

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

Outside influences continue to exist while we work to realign with our inner compass. Noise can be persistent, and some of the outdated ideas we’ve adopted will resurface and irritate or infuriate a creative spirit. It is in these moments that we determine whether we are working from passion or anger.

Both can definitely be motivators. Both can help us get the job done, so to speak. It boils down to what we value and what kind of energy we prefer to project into the world.

Anger defines resistance: fear, dissonance, vengeance, control, uprising, revolt — violence.

Passion defines surrender: love, purpose, ingenuity, independence, flow, freedom — creation.

As is always the case, awareness is key. Being aware of how (and who) we are, as well as what (and why) we are doing, results in and reduces to what we have. The experience is everything. The journey is ongoing, an endless road of discovery.

What we create has the potential to reinvigorate, inspire, and heal, as well as deteriorate, inflame, and harm.

Love your life.

“Elevate” from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part I