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Perhaps you are seeing now that this entire last year has been a broadly orchestrated, multilayered, multifaceted series of events designed, yet again, to scare you away from your better reasoning and capacity for critical, rational thinking.

Perhaps not. You may still be in denial. If so, then you probably won’t need to read any further. Nature, again, got it wrong, and only Science™ will save us, right? Good luck.

If you’re willing to look beyond the superficial and the curated narrative aspects of recent and historical events of violence – terrorism, epidemics, pandemics, market crashes, wars and everything in between – you’ll find patterns, connections, obvious similarities, repetition, and how ALL of these events invariably collapse under the weight of their own details; remarkable inconsistencies, curious coincidences, any rudimentary scrutiny, simple facts, genuine first-hand accounts, and circumstantial evidence. Going even deeper, you’d find astrological, numerological, and gematrial links across the entire spectrum of planned, psychological operations, that the media has always maintained was in fact otherwise. Believe what we tell you it is, not what you think it actually was. Don’t question, just keep paying your taxes, obey the ever-oppressive laws, and always, always, be afraid. We’re in this together – and you must report anyone who is acting otherwise.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

~ George Orwell

What do you really, truly know about your reality? About your world? About this life? What have you experienced directly, and how much do you simply believe in and understand based solely on indoctrination and programming? Why are you so quick to defend a belief? What makes you so sure you’re right, and they’re wrong? What are you afraid of?

Our language and emotionality is being weaponized and used against us. Today, almost daily, the meanings of words are being flipped and twisted and distorted. Very few of us realize the sheer magnitude of manipulation and delusion this has caused, and continues to perpetuate. The result is persistent epistemic numbness, anxiety, and depression. These games play out in the unconscious, yet inevitably spill out into our everyday living, our relationships, and our works.

On the one hand, lockdowns, and asinine public health mandates and restrictions have given us an unprecedented opportunity to pursue bettering ourselves in earnest. On the other, if you hadn’t already been doing the work – addressing your shadows, questioning and refining your values and seeing the illusions of modern life for what they are — you’re likely part of the statistics of divorces, self-destruction, bankruptcies and foreclosures, while dutifully wearing a mask, lining up for vaccines, binging on Netflix, and trusting in the industrial complexes of the world… Or hiding out and hoping this will all pass, sooner than later.

“Propaganda is as powerful as heroin; it surreptitiously dissolves all capacity to think.”

~ Gil Courtemanche

Pick up a book written in the late 19th century. Compare it to something on the average “bestsellers” book list. In the former, you’ll need a dictionary in the opening paragraph. In the latter, you’ll comment on the quality of the author’s dust cover design, deciding whether to read it based on Amazon reviews and ratings. After over a century of the systematic dumbing down and sickening of the species, is it any wonder why we’re so susceptible to the hoaxes, fictions, and fantasies sold to us by the news media, the Hollywood cult, Luciferian multinational agencies and corporations, and pedophilic, brainwashed, blackmailed celebrities and politicians?

Life on Earth is certainly unique. Most of us have had a really trying time of it. And with the imminent quickening, awakening surges we’re experiencing right now, many of us are struggling, to say the least. We don’t have the right tools with which to comprehend nor make sense of the madness, while the pressures seem to keep mounting. We may try to bury our heads in our work and materialistic aspirations, but I think it’s safe to say that we see now the impermanence and uncertain fallibility of the notion.

Governments have been creating money from nothing for decades, while, with their bankers-in-collusion, perpetuating the egregious, misleading debt fallacy. Our hard-earned cash is nearly completely devalued, perceived as “costs continue to rise” and other fractional fiduciary fiction. Usury is at an all-time high, while cryptographic currencies are purporting to be the saviors of the world’s fiscal woes, self-proclaimed as “the people’s money,” and other such questionable nonsense.

Treat it all as a game, and you’ll struggle to find real meaning in anything. You won’t commit to anyone. You will become, and remain forever, the center of the universe. Does that serve you? Is that what you’re here for? Is that good enough?

Or, is it time to open your eyes a little more? Have you been played, misled and misinformed about the very nature of your life, your world, your story? Will you suffer, struggle, and die for those beliefs?

Solvitur ambulando