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Tag: conscious awareness


The brainwashing, mind control, and social engineering mechanisms used and weaponized by the world around you can be repurposed at any time.

Never and Our Brief Existence

We will never run out of water. We will never run out of oil. We will never run out of free energy for all. We will never run out of space for humans and their families to live well, to thrive, and to build resilient, naturally aligned communities. Why do you choose to believe in the lies of scarcity and lack and in the artifices of collectivized, socialized media?

Conscious Resistance

The moment we engage in a thought of rebellion, of engaging in the idea of an enemy, or an entity to resist, is the moment we define and essentially create that force. In a very real way, life answers back instantly with a mirror of the exact thing we purport to be standing against. It meets us half way, regardless of the inputs we provide. Remember.

Truth Seeker

Truth seeking… It’s a multifaceted, multidimensional, multidisciplinary journey. Any number of deep, dark rabbit holes can keep you occupied for a lifetime, and yet nothing is noticeably improved. In fact, it’s much worse. Nevertheless, when you need to know what’s true, this is the inevitable process. Until, at least, the borrowed illusions and practiced delusions are exposed and shattered. Then, the truth is plain and clear and horrific and beautiful.