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The Death of Your Old Story

Every lifetime has its ups and downs, peaks and valleys, flurries of activity and depressions or lulls — and ultimately, its end. The same can be said for a forest, a tribe, state or nation; a civilization, a religion, or a species.

SHH: Stop the Harmful Habits

We live in a society that seems hell bent on scaring us to death, and only superheroes can save us. If you buy into the noise, we’re only two heartbeats from failed health, failed relationships, and financial ruin.

The Most Important Thing

What is it that won’t let you sleep at night? What is it that gnaws at the back of your mind? What is it that angers, frustrates or disheartens you?

none of that is the issue. that’s all noise, programs, the ideas of other people, the seeds of cultural norms and expectations… but none of it is your own voice.

The Best

There are many “best” moments that have come and gone. I try to harbor fewer regrets about anything as I get older. Holding any negativity or judgment toward anything, really, is only ever self-serving and muddies the lucidity of awareness and inspiration. It’s been far too easy to beat the shit out of myself, or to project my fears onto others.