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October Seasoning

The color of light angles into cooler shades, as the nip in the air gradually overtakes the warm, lingering glow. Seasons transition as fluidly as day turns into night, and while we’re busy living, nature quietly affirms its continuity around every corner.

A heavy rain, followed by strong winds, bookmarked by crisp, clear nights, signify the rest and renewal to come. Leaves of red, gold, and green vivify soggy, muddy paths, blending the ground cover into the canopy. Forests of fungi push up and out from their intricate, nourishing mycelial networks, showing off countless shapes and quirky personalities.

For a short time, the autumnal transition seems even more immersive than the multitude of greens that shaded this wanderer in summer. The acoustics, too, have altered their tones, further making novel what was getting to be familiar.

It is solved by walking. Whatever weighs on your mind, whatever gnaws at your gut, the constancy of natural power is more than adequate to the task. Give it your presence. It’ll give you your self.

Solvitur ambulando