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Adverse Events, Finding Unity, and Dinosaurs


“Pfizer recorded 1,223 possible vaccine deaths during the first 90 days of covid vaccine rollout.”

— The Pulse, Dec. 26, 2021

And nearly a year passed before we could find out…what we already knew was happening.

“An accumulation of adverse event reports (AERs) does not necessarily indicate that a particular AE was caused by the drug; rather, the event may be due to an underlying disease or some other factor(s) such as past medical history or concomitant medication.”

Sure, but the jabs didn’t help, did they? This is precisely the same issue with covid mortality reporting, since day one, wherein even the suspicion of the corona qualified as a corona death, regardless of “underlying disease or some other factors.” But when it comes to the jab, it’s the exact opposite. The hubris and hypocrisy is astounding.

Criminal, fraudulent medical practices, from start to finish.

Shut it down.

*  *  *

“…the last thing the state wants is calm deliberation. It thrives on fear. Government power tends to expand no matter what, to be sure, but it expands much more rapidly under what are perceived as emergency conditions. Give us more power, citizen! There’s no time to lose!”

— Tom Woods – Foreward to Feardom

Many awake and aware folks have been writing about this common notion since forever. The cycles repeat. The loops don’t necessarily close. We don’t ever learn from history because history is misrepresented, heavily redacted and revised, infused by repetitive state propaganda, and enforced by the military industrial complex.

Just as we believe in germ theory, a proven scientific fallacy, so, too, do we believe in war heroes, epic battles, and the illusions of freedom and victory perpetuated by mainstream education, news, and entertainment.

We have solutions for every conceivable problem that we’ve created. We just need to stop acting like weak, confused, hysterical and paranoid children.

Find a table. Sit and talk. Ignore the manic media and their endlessly looping, fake, garbage news. Ignore any scientists or experts they invite on air. Seek out real researchers, censored scientists, and canceled critical thinkers.

End the bullshit. Work out the best way forward. Be willing to make mistakes, and to relearn everything. Be willing to unify. Be willing to grow up.

*  *  *

A great philosophical gem from Shawn James (My Self Reliance). Full video on his YouTube channel.

The modern, centralized world of bland, gray, faux-controlled city life, and growing dependence on radiation-producing technology, is sterilizing humanity, psychologically, spiritually and physically — quite literally, looking at declining birth rates and aging populations of many countries. And, if we consider the ongoing, widespread, deleterious effects of western “medicine”, transhumanism, and the move toward digital and “meta” realities…it is evident that organic, essential human conditions and connections are under attack.

And the wild…that beautiful, powerful, nature untamed, is terrifying.

It seems logical that we’ll continue to see an increasing divergence in societies and cultural values. But this is as it has always been. In the modern era, we can see clearly that centralized powers (banks, governments, education, academia, agriculture, medicine, science) have been thoroughly corrupted, and as they collapse in on themselves, it’ll likely be private societies and resilient, purpose-built communities that eventually fill in the empty spaces where failed efforts of rampant hubris and ignorance reigned.

I’m definitely more in line with the “dinosaur” lifestyle: green spaces, hand tools, paper books, and the company of like minds, over gray, concrete, sterile-and-sanitized, vax-pass numbness.

Eyes open.