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the dream

we can dare to got for it, going through the motions the best we know how — always adapting, quietly course correcting, letting the doubters doubt — trying different iterations and variations of the vision as we go through life, honing our skills and our art… it stands there, the ultimate end, informing all decisions, and we trust implicitly our aspiration, living purposefully and deliberately in all we do.

we can push forward doggedly, never faltering until it is realized; driven and undeterred… life throws us obstacles, but we embrace them as signs of the road to achievement; barriers are our greatest teachers and we use them to propel our momentum ever toward the prize in our eyes.

we can have the vision, early in life, finding it again from time to time, as we dance along the periphery, never really diving deeply into the discovery, challenges, failures — and we suffer quietly, desperately, as it remains forever just out of reach — yet we never truly commit to attaining it, in anything more than fits and starts, heeding the ideas and beliefs of others who are in the same boat and sphere of reality… life takes its turns, and all other aspects of the story we compose also get only pieces and shadows and fragments of our energy and focus.

we can live the perpetually evolving, flowing, drifter’s dream, never too attached to any one outcome, ever open and free to change our minds, heed our hearts, and trust that things are always working out for us. the goal is to live the journey, moment to moment, present and engaged in everything we put our efforts to. wherever we are, we are there fully, completely. now is what matters, breath by breath.

or, all of the above.

dive in.

solvitur ambulando

photo: English Bay Beach, May 2007 “ancient observer”

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