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Tag: human nature


It’s funny, really. When you get your head twisted around by distorted realities and hidden agendas, you can be led to believe anything. Years can pass before anything truly important gets done, meanwhile you wonder why you feel so empty.

From Coddling, to Crippling, to Snowflake

We’re a few generations in now to the unceasingly debilitating culture of restrictive ideology and unchecked identity politics. We’ve gradually eroded the institutions of the arts, sciences and education — which are today guided heavily by benefactors, politics and tuition fees; greed, hubris and myopic perspectives.

Human, Present

It’s not always easy being a human in this world. It’s always changing, and there is a lot of damage (psychic, physical, karmic, spiritual), with generations of unbalanced energies to process and recapitulate. All this complexity, unfortunately, expresses itself in how humans treat themselves, other humans, and the earth—thus creating cycles of trauma.