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Solvitur Ambulando

Your path was meant to test you—to make, break, twist, disorient, disintegrate and remake you. Who else but you could design something so intricate, maddening and unique? There’s nowhere in the universe you would be able to do what you can do here, now.

In only this moment can you choose to pause and know your origins, and remember your unseen, but never faraway family. Beyond the narratives, the noise, and the transient solidity, there is the absolute you. You are always loved.

Do what is good and right, in all things, and make your ripples in this timespace. You have a responsibility to make good on your gifts to the collective, while you make good on your personal journey. It’s one and the same, and life will always be showing you what’s now, next, and forever for you. Trust the feeling. The feeling is always right.

Solvitur ambulando