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The Infinite Dance of Good and Evil

Throughout the ages, humankind has existed in this realm amid a persistent conflict or contrasting of energies, a master wave comprised of myriad pulsing frequencies of smaller waves. This simulated reality construct maintains an oscillation of lived physical experience somewhere on the scale between good and evil. Regardless of the civilization, era, or epoch, it appears an uneasy homeostasis is perpetuated, whether by conscious and obvious or unconscious and subtle means. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the reason, the evidence is clear that neither good nor evil ever dominates entirely, but neither do they secede.

Certainly, there must be episodes of extremes wherein a society has risen to unmatched heights of advancement, unity, intelligence, consciousness, and prosperity. Inevitably, or so it would appear, that momentum is reset, and the process begins anew. But not always in the same way or to the same degree. Why is this? Are we the makers of our own evolution and demise? It’s as if we’re inside some sort of reality creation medium, wherein all manner of possibility may be exercised, attempted, experimented with, and explored, and then something or someone buries it, burns it down, blows it up, or summons another cataclysm, only to force those of us who remain to begin once again.

Should this cyclical nature of our Grand Story be perceived as good or evil? Perhaps neither. It is just what it is. But that reductive truism doesn’t satisfy my sensibilities.

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The Past is a Confused Mess

Chronologists and historians have any number of varying, supporting, or conflicting data sets pointing to numerous social, cultural, and civilizational episodes. Many cannot decide or accurately decipher how the idea of time has been recorded, which makes for some entertaining “proof” purveyed by some popular yet remarkably daft, misguided, and ignorant authors and researchers. To wit, it’s likely safe to say that in a single lifetime, a man cannot live to be tens of thousands of years old. As is to be expected, those with the backing of the “mainstream” are not generally those we should consider to be of good intention, accurate information, or genuine motives, whether they are conscious of their misleading and reality-distorting effectuality or not.

Whether humanity has suffered, endured, or survived a dozen, or more likely several dozen, of these resets is rather moot. Of greater importance is the inescapable fact that these events do indeed occur, and with regularity. The only relevant factor would seem to be the periodicity or frequency with which such reality-shaking and new narrative-shaping events happen, and to what scale or extent. And is there an element of our population that is aware of these schedules? Are they making plans? Can we in any way escape these destructive cycles, or is that all part of the Big Game?

Nearly every day, somewhere in the world, another discovery unfolds as to who or what was here before us. Throughout obscure channels of social media, passionate, lifelong researchers and writers are boldly challenging the status quo, producing and introducing deeply referenced, extensive presentations, discussions, and debates about everything we as a society and greater civilization have long accepted as veritable and authentic about our own short- and long-term histories.

Unfortunately, all of these impressive efforts, at least to me, really only seem to raise more questions and frustrations than provide solace, understanding, or complete answers. Others, too, seem more inspired to develop a cult following, coupled with an impressive income, than to provide a genuine service to humanity. Why is it so difficult to know the truth of our collective history? Well, for a start, critical records and relevant accounts of events are absolutely open to interpretation, and certainly, those who were responsible for keeping records from times past would have had their own perspectives, biases, and inclinations — or, at the very least, they were pressured, persuaded, and coerced by their benefactors and sociopolitical influences of the time.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this process is the fact that numerous and vast libraries of knowledge and record have been disappeared or otherwise destroyed over the millennia, dwindling and severely limiting the pursuit of factual and actual events, accounts, biographies, and accurate chronologies. Furthermore, in modern times, though in reality this must be as it has always been, there are forces at play who are tasked with the specific work of obscuring, obfuscating, censoring, erasing, revising, misrepresenting, and repurposing our true history. They are clearly manipulating the perceptions of our collective present while distorting the possibilities of the future of humanity.

Are they good or evil?

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Good vs Evil, Part One Billion

I offer a quote from Matt Presti, perhaps as a salve for your heart or mind to approach something of the greater perspective of our human experience at this time:

Yes, there are massive conspiracies taking place on the planet at this very moment. Yes, there is unending psychological warfare directed at the human race daily. Yes, we are at greater risk of global world war between nations, states and territories, which directly or indirectly affect us all.

But the antidote to all of this is to remember one thing—NATURE. It brings balance to your mind, heart and soul. It is the rhythm of God’s thinking made manifest. It is the glory of Creator/creation expressed. And it is the medicine that every soul uses to heal at the most basic of levels.

Never let yourself get too caught up in the morass of world events and psychological media warfare directed at the human race without remembering to anchor yourself in the glory of the eternal nature of spirit. This is your mystical side demanding the immortal recognition it so rightly deserves. It can heal, save, reset, balance and ultimately bring you back to your SELF.

This beautiful authentic relationship between mankind and NATURE is itself immortal. Tap in, remember, and most of all—live the glory of knowing YOU too are a part of the expression of Nature’s uniqueness. It lives through you to the degree you apprehend its presence.

It begs the eternal question: What is God? And if Nature is the rhythm of God’s thinking, then how could everything else about our reality not be of the same origin and creation? I think we lose something critical in our efforts to reduce, humanize, and codify the Grand Story into smaller, bite-sized morsels we may then pretend to grasp or understand.

Perhaps the challenge is to accept the idea that we must embrace it all as if it were indeed a Natural state of things, for to color things as inherently good or evil, black or white, red or blue, we defer to that deeply ingrained programming of this and the other, us versus them, and, ultimately, us versus ourselves. We cannot distance ourselves from eminent truth just because, on the face of it, it seems nefarious, detrimental, scheming, or creatively and cunningly extemporizing the worst of what we are out in the open for all to see. We humans are capable of good and evil. That is a fact. Why do so many choose to profit from the relative moralizing, monetizing, marketing, and manipulating of this fact?

Those who have taken it upon themselves to invest their life’s work into pursuing the path of greater ideals, higher consciousness, and perhaps even communion with God, and, presumably, keeping evil at bay, do so only in incremental and, evidently, in impermanent ways. Neither good nor evil has maintained a solid footing in this realm for very long. And the degree of oscillation from the center is a gradation that can only be understood and appreciated well after the fact.

It was important, Dumbledore said, to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated. . . .

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What remains, then, is the reality that this eternal battle will never cease and that interpretations of events both big and small, subtle and overt, earth-shattering, or simply this week’s strange and diabolical ideological trend, will forever occupy those of us who dare to question, examine, and discern the truer nature of things.

As the man says, “Never let yourself get too caught up in the morass of world events,” for to do so, you risk losing yourself in the endless emotionality and well-established, life-sucking distraction of earthbound sensory fiction. You risk decoupling from your Natural Self to participate in surface-level, nonsensical rigmarole, which inherently implies living with a seriousness that seems rather ridiculous to uphold in this fantastical place.

Don’t ever take yourself, or this reality, too seriously.

Solvitur ambulando

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