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Thorns, Bridges and the Other

On the surface, it may seem like you’re letting go of the person, the friend or the relationship, but it is more likely you’re letting go of the pattern.

And, there’s a big difference between holding a grudge, and choosing to no longer engage.

Relationships are eternal, and people come into and leave our lives regularly. It may be the same people, or others who represent the same patterns within us. Our underlying motivation is always toward balance, flow, authenticity and equilibrium. Life is in constant motion, so if we didn’t figure something out through one set of circumstances, with a certain cast of players (or, we weren’t ready), it’ll keep bringing us another way to allow for the discovery of the answer we are seeking.

It can be very difficult to let go of what is dysfunctional, harmful and stifling—because it’s familiar, safe, and maybe tolerable. We have hardened identities that demand unconscious expectations of every relationship, even if our hearts actually crave and resonate with something entirely different.

All the players that come along are there for specific reasons. Either it’s for our expansion, the fulfilment of soul contracts, or a transient spiritual reflection to offer the awake and aware the easiest gauge to observe where they’re at.

Our soul is always steering the ship toward the righteous path, while our choices and actions affect the winds, the tides, and how we’ll react when an iceberg appears on our journey.

We filter it all through our perceptual biases, so it may not be immediately evident as to the how and why of a situation; objectivity goes by the wayside when intense emotions are involved. But, the extremity of the feeling is also a lesson in disguise—which usually finds us long after the fact. It’s more than likely something to do with our values, and someone stepping all over them.

Our responsibility is to our truth. We can blame everyone and everything, and many things may not be our fault, but we are ultimately in charge of the creative energies at our disposal. We choose to feed into the storm, or to infuse it with love and an elevated emotion. We can build up defenses, or we can embolden our commitment to the higher vision.

Solvitur ambulando