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The Lonely Journey

The world is changing dramatically, though perhaps this has always been so. Privately, we might increasingly prefer solitude, intentionally isolating ourselves as a practice in order to integrate and innerstand all of the intense energies that are arising. Or, we may choose to avoid the process by immersing ourselves in constant busyness and the maddening, unfulfilling rules of the matrix.

The Allure of Scarcity

Isn’t it interesting how we can sometimes let the game play us? We are conditioned by our surroundings, and Western culture has a somewhat negative bias. Struggle and violence are more heroic than ease, grace, and lightness. The fear of sickness, pain, and death is more acceptable than the joy of living, breathing, and experiencing the complete profundity of every waking moment.

Change, or Die

Life is always changing. It is unavoidable. If that’s a stressful, anxiety-inducing thought, it’s predicated on the mistaken belief that anything in or about this place is permanent. To be sure, you will “die,” so get on with living.

How We See the World

Imagine we could compare ourselves to a digital camera: the eyes are the lenses (we choose what to focus on), our beliefs are the filters (we choose what, and how information passes through), our mind is the image sensor (information gathering; how things appear to be), and our intellect (education, knowledge, level of understanding; preconception, indoctrination, interpretation, imagination) is a translator, or encoder/decoder.