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Change, or Die

Audio Version (music by Lesfm at Pixabay)

Life is always changing. It is unavoidable. If that’s a stressful, anxiety-inducing thought, it’s predicated on the mistaken belief that anything in or about this place is permanent. To be sure, you will “die,” so get on with living.

The power comes from having no expectations or insistence on how anything we desire manifests in our lives. Put another way, it is about having clarity of purpose, and surrendering to the process. Our higher self knows everything; the greater essence of who we are is intimately aware of all the details that make our hearts sing. When we relieve the mechanism of the need for control, we open the doors for all that is relevant to our journey to be made manifest — in the best way possible, in the present, for who we are and where we are.

But our culture tells me that if I do not succeed in this way, I will be unhappy. According to Dr. John Demartini, this is caused by two primary distresses related to money (or anything desired): 1. The perception or fear of losing that which you seek; and 2. The perception of that which you want to avoid. That’s something worth meditating on for a while. There are specific and de-programmable reasons why we fear both success and failure. Our personal reality bubbles may be restricting the possibilities of what could be.

What is within our control? Choice is within our control. Actions and reactions are within our control. Information is under our control. Perspective is within our control.

What is beyond our control? We have no control over other people’s actions, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, attitudes, or perspectives. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can control how much we allow the flow of thoughts to affect us.

When we resist change, we reduce the flow. If we distrust the universe, we distrust ourselves, and by extension, we distrust the intentions of others. And resistance is a surefire way to harm oneself. The effects are cumulative, and they will manifest and reside in your body, potentially impeding the very process of renewal and revitalization that it desires for you. But we can change that.

Our bodies are in constant communication with us. Dr. Cassie Huckaby would say, “Your symptoms are the healing.” The body’s primary function is to heal and adapt — to change in response to our needs, inputs, and environment. Beyond the physical, our consciousness, or higher Mind, is always open and willing to communicate with us. We can alter our trajectory by changing our habits.

All of this may serve to remind us that our Being is in need of vitality, excitement, passion, meaning, purpose, tears, laughter, rage, and, most importantly, love. None of these exist without a willingness to change.

Change is integral to life.

Change, or die.

Love your life.