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Change, or Die

Life, is change. It is inevitable. If that’s a stressful idea, fraught with anxiety, it’s attached to some notion that anything in this place is anything but transient. You will “die”, so get on with living.

The power is in having no expectations, or insistence, as to how anything we desire shows up in our lives. Our higher-self knows, everything. The greater part of us knows full well all the little details of that which makes our heart sing. When we free the mechanism of the need for control, we open up the gates through which all that is relevant to our journey can be made manifest — in the best way possible, in the now, for who we are, where we are.

But our culture says make it this way, or I will not be happy. Our little reality bubbles constrict the potential of what can be. Think about it. Look at how you treat yourself, and how you treat others.

What do we control? We control choice. We control our actions and reactions. We control information. We control perspective.

What don’t we control? We don’t control the actions, thoughts, beliefs, choices, attitudes, nor perspectives of anyone else. We don’t control our minds either, but we can control how much we allow the stream of thoughts affect us. ie., I feel ____, rather than, I am ____.

When we resist change, we resist the flow. If we live in distrust of the universe, we live in distrust of ourselves, and thus, the distrust of others.

And resistance, is a sure-fire way to harm ourselves. The effects are cumulative, and will show up in our bodies, soon enough, impeding the very process of renewal and revitalization it prefers for you.

Oh, but, yoga!

Our culture, especially our medicine, is ass-backwards. Instead of a modicum of prevention, persistent healthful effort, listening to what our bodies need, we operate in reactive, symptomatic alleviation. We worry about cancer, yet we inundate ourselves with toxic food-like products, and toxic environments — at work, at home, at play, and in our relationships.

Our bodies are always trying to communicate with us. Our consciousness is always trying to communicate with us. Our being craves (and prefers) vibrancy, vigor, excitement, passion, meaning, purpose, tears, laughter, fury, and, always, love . . .

Change, is life.
Change, or die.

Love your life,