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Dismantling the Shadows: Learning the Truth

The realm in which we live offers us an enormous amount of programming and conditioning that can impede and stifle our progress in life. At every turn, you may encounter new and more deceptive traps that will lead you away from your source of innate knowledge and wisdom. However, the path of truth is always present, as one cannot exist without the other. Do you accept their offer, or do you rise above?

How to Stay Poor

Imagine you came into a pile of money. Maybe you won the lottery, or perhaps you inherited some funds from a relative who passed on and left you a piece of their estate.

If you treat that money in a certain way, spending it as you need to and living off it, here’s a story to consider.

For Richer, For Poorer, Then You Die

Our minds are programmed and conditioned from our earliest moments of consciousness until our last breath. What is most important in this short life is becoming aware of these control and manipulation mechanisms in order to reappropriate and consciously use our creative energies. We should want to use them for our own benefit rather than letting them fall into the insatiable emptiness of someone else’s design.