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You’ve Already Succeeded

You’re not finished, and you’ll never get it all done, but you have already succeeded. You’ve pursued your mission, in one way or another, and while you certainly feel you haven’t done nearly enough—that you could be of better service, that you could be more at ease, and more profitable or productive—those ideas are based on industry, not on spirit.

You’ve tripped and fallen down. Repeatedly. You’re frustrated by how much time you’ve wasted on the wrong job, career, lover, friend or church. Yet amidst all this, you’ve attained, developed and honed skills, discerned what you enjoy and what you do not; you’ve explored elements of your purpose, your mission, and still have many questions. Your heart has been broken and rebuilt many times, bringing you ever closer to your ultimate truth, while instilling resiliency, patience and hard-won wisdom. Perhaps there are children in your life, and they’re still living, breathing and growing—and no matter what, you’ve fundamentally improved and expanded this reality through your co-creation with them; they are the best examples of uncondition, authenticity, vulnerability, play and flow.

Your worthiness cannot, and should not, be derived from the uncontrollable aspects of physicality and modern metrics. To this day, there are cultures who have never had use of money and manufactured stuff, yet they thrive, live harmoniously with the planet, and contribute to the steadying of the collective heartbeat—without trying, stressing and worrying—though if corporate interests prevail this will end.

Life fluidly responds to the unnatural and the mechanical. It is eternal and patient. It adapts, works with, through and around, and only knows “yes”. If it can be conceived, ideated or cogitated upon, it has access to the original substance, and may be explored. Thus, we manifest our world. Thus, we alter the narrative and create new stories. Thus, we can remain intact, safe, small and afraid. Thus, we can be creators.

You’ve already succeeded. Reframe your perspective. Examine your limitations, conditions and expectations. Be easy about all this, but don’t ever be complacent.

Solvitur ambulando