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A Greater Wealth

This world is oriented toward money. We see it as an ultimate means to an end, and many believe it as an end unto itself. It’s ridiculous; how can we pray to an ideal, or mythic, artificial construct that only really exists as an idea someone made up?

Oh, wait…

We have strange, soul-crushing ideas about value and worth. We have no real notion about what wealth truly is, because again, we equate it with money. The value of money is decided on by banks and governments, and their marriages are dysfunctional at best—also, us citizens of Earth aren’t at the forefront of their thought processes. Not in any healthful way. If we had any sort of beneficent relationship with either banks or our meager attempts at democratic governments, we wouldn’t be afraid of what they could do to us. But, we are afraid. We are afraid because we project value, wealth, worth, and power onto things outside ourselves.

It’s all bullshit.

Creating the universe, galaxies, and this fine planet, didn’t cost a thing. Money isn’t a universal constant. It’s a plaything in this reality, at this time; an energetic agreement, and a social contract, and will eventually be forgotten and relegated to the annals of our shameful, tired, lack-based, incredibly violent past. It has its uses in the herenow, as most of our societies are pinned to it, so we need to go through this process of growing out of it. But we have to start by reorienting our value and worth back to where it belongs: within us.

As we step back into a true position of power, founded on the knowingness that only a deep connection to self can provide, the money thing will be less and less important—and will inevitably flow more easily for and toward us. In the existing models, we are at once best friends and worst enemies with money, and this only ever maintains psychological polarization toward it.

Take back ownership. You are the value, and the worth. Without you there is no use for money or economy or any of the stuff of this physical place. Remember who and what you are.

Solvitur ambulando

Suggested reading: The Illusion of Money (Kyle Cease)